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Easy Perennials Anyone Can Grow

Easy Perennials Anyone Can Grow

Home Depot loves to make gardening easy. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon easy gardening costs less money. If you want to have a stunning garden, you can try growing Easy Perennials. Perennials are a great choice because they keep growing year after year. They give you the chance to try something new each year, making gardening much easier and more enjoyable. Many of these plants are also beautiful enough to attract admiring remarks from your neighbors. You can even plant them anywhere. Some are even resistant to deer, squirrels, and other critters.


Hardy geraniums

Known as a tough plant, geraniums require only minimal care once established in the garden. But some varieties can get straggly, so gardeners sometimes prune them back to three to five inches high and at the base of the stems. The plants respond to midseason pruning with new growth, including cranesbill geraniums. A midseason pruning will encourage flowering and new growth, so be sure to follow instructions closely.


Hardy hyssop

A perennial with a long list of benefits, hardy hyssop is a plant that is ideal for gardens. Its drooping, half-inch-long flowers are scented and attract pollinators. In fact, beekeepers often rub hyssop on their hives to encourage them to stay in their hives longer.


Giant hyssop

Anise hyssop grows in clumps that are up to 24 inches tall. The plant has flower stalks that are medium green in color and have smooth edges. The flowers bloom from late spring to early summer. The plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds because it produces nectar. You can also enjoy its foliage by drying the leaves and using them for potpourri. Flower spikes are edible and can be used in fresh cut flower arrangements.


Garden phlox

Despite the name, Garden phlox is not difficult to grow. The plant needs moist soil and will bloom well in a sunny location. Top dressing the soil with compost in early spring is also helpful in adding nutrients and improving soil health. Ensure adequate spacing between your garden phlox plants and divide them every three to four years to ensure a healthy plant. Phlox is a perennial, so you should divide them every three to four years. However, if the soil is poor, you may have to divide them every three to four years. After flowering, deadheading can also give you more flowers in autumn.


Lavender-blue Monch aster

If you're looking for an easy perennial to plant in your garden, the Lavender-blue Monch asters are a great choice. This variety has a long bloom time and is resistant to mildew. Asters are easy to grow and don't need staking. They thrive in full sun to partial shade and require medium moisture. They also like average soil. They're a great border plant, and they look great in vases.


Purple palace

Palace Purple Heuchera has deep purple foliage and delicate, white bell flowers. It thrives in partial shade and is also great for edging or borders. It needs rich soil and regular watering but is otherwise easy-to-grow. Its deep purple leaves look best against its pink stems and flowers. If you have limited space for perennials, Palace Purple Heuchera can grow well in containers or in a sunny window.

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