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5 tips on choosing a vacuum cleaner

5 tips on choosing a vacuum cleaner

A clean house for the new year is something everyone wants and as part of this having the correct vacuum cleaner matters. Lowes has a wide range of vacuum cleaners of all kinds at the very best prices and with a money off coupon from We Are Coupons you can save even more money on these great prices. But how do you choose the right vacuum cleaner for the job? Here are 5 tips to help you choose

Upright for the big jobs

For the larger spaces in your home an upright vacuum cleaner is the just the ticket. With powerful sucking power, an upright vacuum cleaner cleans deep and removes dust and loose dirt as well as pet hair.  If you have hard floors as well as rugs and carpets make sure you choose and upright cleaner with a brush. Bag size or no bag is important too and having a large enough bag or dirt container is essential to avoid having to empty the machine too often.

The Canister for versatility

The most versatile vacuum cleaner is the canister vacuum cleaner and when you have a home on different levels with stairs these machines become the king. Many canister cleaners come with an array of attachments to make cleaning anything a breeze. Look for the most powerful cleaner you can afford and as with upright cleaners bag and dirt container size is important. Many canister cleaners are now also wet and dry vacuums, wet and dry functionality increases the versatility of the machine and many households never regret spending an extra few dollars on this feature. The extra dollars spent can be easily offset by using a Lowes Money Off Coupon.

For Quick Cleans

There is a growing range of slim or stick vacuum cleaners that are perfect for quick cleans or cleaning in those awkward to reach places such and next to fridge. These are not recommended for everyday vacuuming as the dirt container is often small. It is recommended that these types of cleaners supplement you upright or canister cleaner.

The handheld

Originally branded as the dust buster, handheld vacuum cleaners are battery powered devices that are perfect for a spot clean. Ideal for vacuuming pet hairs off a couch. Lightweight and cordless, handheld vacuum cleaners are not the most powerful devices but can be absolute life savers in any home.

Automated cleaners

Automated vacuum robots promise to take care of cleaning while you lounge on the couch, but they may not be as low-maintenance as they claim to be. They are able to squeeze into tough-to-reach spots like under the sofa, but they don’t have the power of an upright or canister vacuum and you may find yourself sweeping being them or bringing out an upright or canister vacuum to do the job properly.

No matter what Vacuum cleaner you are looking for, Lowes has a the biggest selection and you can save on their remarkable prices with a Lowes Money Off Coupon today.

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