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Choosing a Mop

Choosing a Mop

A mop is a mop is a mop. Yes?  Maybe not.  There are many different types of Mop and Lowes has a wide selection of Mops for purchase. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money and mop up any mess you like. But what are the basic types of Mop and what are they used for?  Here are 5

Flat Mops

Easily the modern housewife’s go to mop. These relatively cheap mops have a flat head with a disposable or replaceable head. These simple mops are perfect for everyday use and clean very well. A flat mop may struggle with some tough stains and marks but they do clean relatively well and are perfect for that quick once over.

Sponge Mop

These are a slightly more advanced version of the flat mop and they have a sponge head that can be wringed out at the pull of a leaver. Sponge mops are the ideal mop for cleaning tiles and uneven surfaces. Heads are replaceable and even washable but when left wet and dirt they are perfect breeding grounds for germs. The rule of thumb is:  if the mop begins to stink then replace it

Dust Mops

These mops are meant for dry cleaning without water. They often have long handles and can easily reach even the most unreachable of cobwebs and other dust trapped in the corners of ceilings or in between wardrobes. Most modern dust mops have disposable or reusable heads that if washed must be washed separately.

String Mop

Sometimes called a Spaghetti Mop, these are very much the most traditional of mops in the home. These really inexpensive mops clean exceptionally well and are very absorbent making them one of the best mops of all.  Pretty much every home should invest in a string mop it will be something you never regret.

Strip Mops

Very easy to look after and another good day to day mop. Similar in design to a string mop but lacking some of the scrubbing power these mops are relatively inexpensive and while they are not the best in terms of cleaning they do do a job that meets the requirements of the average home.


It is hard to think that there is more to a mop than you think. When choosing a mop choose the once that is right for your floors and be prepared to spend a little bit more for a quality mop. You can afford to spend a little more if you use a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons and your floors will be the cleanest floors you have ever known.

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