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Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner for a Hardwood Floor

Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner for a Hardwood Floor

A vacuum cleaner is not just a vacuum cleaner. When choosing a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors one needs to know the difference between a vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner.  Lowes has a superb range of Vacuum Cleaners and with a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on the best vacuum cleaner for your home.

There are four things to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner for a hardwood floor. These are:

Rolling Brushes

For hardwood floors, rolling brushes are not needed; in fact, rolling brushes in a vacuum cleaner on a hardwood floor can damage the floor. Hardwood floors are not like carpets where dirt is trapped between fibres requiring a brush lift it out before the vacuum sucks it up.  Look for a machine with no rolling brushes or one where the brush action can be switched off.

Soft Wheels

Okay, soft wheels don’t really exist but a vacuum cleaner with rubber or padded wheels is essential on a hardwood floor. Many vacuum cleaners today have hard plastic wheels because they are cheaper to produce. Hard wheels can scratch and damage your floor. You may spend a little more on a vacuum cleaner with soft wheels but the expense will be worth it and will be far less than repairing your beautiful floor.

Look for sucker

Don’t be a sucker when it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. Look for a machine with good suction. Higher quality vacuum cleaners tend to have more suction. The better the suction of the machine the easier your floor is to clean, also with more suction you can suck up more dust and dirt.

Not heavy

There is nothing worse than a heavy, cumbersome vacuum cleaner.  Heavy machines can damage your flooring if too heavy but lightweight and compact machines do not cause damage. A lightweight vacuum cleaner glides over your floor and if it is compact, it can be carried with ease from one room to another. A lightweight machine with great suction is the king of vacuum cleaners for any purpose.

Once these four tips have been covered, there is still one debate that every housewife and even professional cleaning company has.  Is an upright vacuum cleaner or canister vacuum cleaner best for a  hardwood floor?

Your Choice

In the end, it boils down to your own preference and choice.  Practicality is key at the end of the day. An upright machine is not easy to carry and if your home is on more than one level it becomes a little awkward. Canister Vacuum cleaners are more compact, lightweight and easy to store.  As long as you take into consideration the four main points either a canister or upright vacuum cleaner will suffice, it is entirely up to you.

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