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Things you buy but never use

Things you buy but never use

We have all done it. We have all bought something that we really believed would be amazing then… we never use it. Lowes has shelves full of everything and anything you could use in your home and with Lowes Money Off Coupons from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything in store. But what are some of the most common things people buy but never use?  Here are a handful

Sleep Monitor

With the world wide trend of keeping healthy sleep is something a lot of people are aware of. Sleep monitors and trackers sound like an amazing idea and knowing how much sleep you get can prove helpful. But to be honest sleep trackers are pretty pointless and despite them seemingly having some use they are used once or twice and then discarded. Becoming a waste of money and when used they become a waste time people buy these things and then worry about how much sleep they are or are not getting and cannot sleep.

Cocktail Shaker

One of the top things people buy but then do not use, and you can buy one and save money at Lowes with a Lowes Printable Coupon and then realise the purchase is a waste of time. A cocktail shaker sounds amazing and you think it is something that you can impress your friends with but the novelty wears off and the cocktail shaker ends up as a wonderful white elephant never to be used again.

Bread Machine

Oh the aroma of home baked bread. A bread machine is easily one of the top things bought and then never used. Baking bread sounds very Stepford wives but it actually becomes a pain and heading down to the grocery store is just so convenient. People buy a bread maker and use it once or twice but the novelty soon wears off and you realise making home made bread is rather expensive so you stop.

Pasta making set

Oh yes! Home made Pasta is so good for you and a pasta making set sounds amazing. Wrong! Just like everything else on this list that you can buy at Lowes you will soon realise that making pasta like Mamma used to make is a real mission and the supermarket and grocery store soon win because of convenience.

Digital Photo Frame


Workout DVD

Almost as pointless as a digital photo frame and not available at Lowes, thank goodness because why would you waste your Lowes Money Off Coupon on such a waste of time?  However, many people have bought these great ideas but never used them… I wonder why?

There are so many things we buy and never use and we can all laugh. However, Lowes has so many things you can use and that is why a Lowes Printable Coupon to save money makes such amazing sense!


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