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Buying Towels

Buying Towels

Lowes has been helping people make houses homes for many years.  With everything you need for the home from appliances to paint there is very little you cannot find in the store.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on just about everything in store. One thing that every homes have is a bathroom and in every bathroom you will find towels.  The right towels make a bathroom look and feel amazing. But how do you choose the right towels for your home?

Size Matters

Towels are not a one size fits all and there are various sizes to choose from.  A standard towel is considered to be 27” x 52” and these are perhaps the most versatile bathroom towels.  Larger bath sheets and smaller hand towels fill in the gaps in the range of towels that can be found in most bathrooms.  A selection of each is generally best suited to most homes and the people within them.


Towels are designed to soak up liquid and do so effectively. For this reason towels are made from material that soaks up water well,  the thickness of the material matters and the thicker the material generally the more absorbent they are. Thicker cotton towels soak up more liquid better than thinner non-cotton towels – however there are modern materials that are extremely thin and extremely absorbent.


Softness matters and in many cases it is softness that sells one towel over another.  Softness instore is not what it seems and many manufacturers coat towels in a substance that leaves them fresher than fresh and super soft. This substance wears off on washing and towels never seems to stay as soft as they were in store. However, quality towels made from  good quality Egyptian or Turkish cotton stay softer for longer and when choosing towels quality matters.


One of the most important factors when choosing a towel or sets of towels is color.  Today you can find towels in every color of the rainbow.  Dark colors and light can make choosing the right towel and enjoyable challenge. Colors can change with the season and the colors of towels an make your bathroom feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  The right color towel can make your bathroom look and feel amazing.

Towel Care

Taking care of your towels is important. When you first get your new towels you should wash them before their first use. Washing before using will settle the color or the towels and will also reduce lint. This first wash will help extend the life of your new towels and you will be happier.

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