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How to choose a Power Washer

How to choose a Power Washer

Looking after your home is what Home Depot understand better than just about anyone else in the United States.  With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on just about anything in Home Depot and make looking after your home less expensive. One piece of equipment that many home owners wish they had is a pressure washer or power washer. Perfect for washing your car or cleaning your roof or drive way, these machines are a must have for many home owners.

Size of Power Washer

Power Washers were once the domain of commercial or professional users and were often static machines or at the very least quite heavy and not easy to move.  Today,  more power can be found in smaller machines and this is true for pressure washers as it is for so many other tools, appliances and machines. Machines of all sizes are now available for home use and yet there it is still worthwhile knowing a little about these useful machines before you spend a lot of money and buy one.

Electric Power Washers

Electric Power Washers are by far the most popular machines, this is partly due to their affordability.  These machines are perfect for most home users,  modern electric power washers are surprisingly powerful.  The down side to the machines is the extension lead and this limits the distance from a power source that the machine can be operated. These machines are ideal for most home maintenance tasks such as patio cleans and cleaning the car or other outdoor toys. Electric powered machines work perfectly well with the various chemicals and cleaning materials available on the market and the machines have a long lifespan.

Gas Powered Machines

Gas models give you the portability and power you want to handle huge positions, like carports, walkways, home outsides and, contingent upon the model, substantial work like eliminating paint. While many have a manual force start, some element a press button electric starter for a simpler operation. 


There are many options you need to consider when choosing a new power washer. One option for more advanced or professional models is that of heating the water.  Power washers with a water heating option are generally available on gas powered machines and often considerably more expensive.  There us a wide selection of nozzles and implements that can be attached to most power washes. Different nozzles, some with the ability to separate chemicals from the water and some can even have a sandblasting option. Other tools include brushes that can scrub as you wash making you machine extremely versatile.

The right machine will also come with a good warranty and some may even come with a service place. 

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