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How to make Trick or Treat Safe in your House

How to make Trick or Treat Safe in your House

It’s trick or treat time and for many people this is a fun and playful celebration of ghouls and ghosts.  Home Depot has everything you need to kit out your home and  make it fiendishly frightening and make it the talk of the town. You can save money of spooking up your home when you use a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons. While making your home spooky and fun you also need to keep it safe. How do you make trick or treat safe in your home?

Light Up the Outside

As much as dark is spooky dark is also dangerous.  To make Halloween Trick or Treat safe for everyone you should light up your outside space at the front of your home as well as possible. Using the brightest lighting possible such as security lighting you don’t have to spoil the fun but you do make entry into your property safer for everyone.

No more real candles

As much as real candles give a wonderful spooky glow inside a pumpkin open flames are nonetheless dangerous. To keep the same flickering appeal and warm orange glow you can use LED lights inside your pumpkins. You can  buy orange glow LEDs that have a candlelike flicker and no one will know the difference between real flame and LED.

Tighten things up

If you have railings and other handles in your front garden is makes sense to tighten these up.  If there are sharp spikes or rusty pieces cover these with safety tape or ensure they are removed. Keeping wooden gates and railings as splinter free as possible also recommended. Make sure gate hinges open up properly and where possible allow gates to be hooked safely back if you expect a lot of foot traffic.

Friction Tape on Steps

In some states October can leave steps slippery when wet. It is advisable, even if only a temporary measure, that you put friction tape on the edges of slipper steps.  You way also want to mark the edges of steps with high visibility safety tape.  This simple idea can prevent any accidents.

No Touch Candy Tube

If you don’t want trick or treating kids coming too close to your home or inside you can deliver candy in an almost magical way.  Using a length of PVC pipe you can create a no touch candy pipe down which you can safely send any amount of candy you like. Kids will love this fun way to get candy.


The statistics for kids being injured by road traffic are high and every year four times more kids are injured or killed on the roads when trick or treating than any other day.  Our final piece of advice for a safe trick or treat is to make sure parked cars are moved out of the street if possible and make the street as safe as possible and turn trick or treat into something the whole community is part of.

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