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The Secret to Keeping your House Clean

The Secret to Keeping your House Clean

Even if people say they enjoy house cleaning the truth is there are many more enjoyable things one could be doing. Lowes are very aware of this and have all the home cleaning products you need to make your home easier. The products will never really make cleaning enjoyable, but a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons will save you money and make you smile.

House cleaning is work and not really fun and thus keeping cleaning to a minimum is the objective of many people regardless of how much they like or dislike the task. So, how do you keep your home clean all year round?

Over the years, savvy housewives have kept their always tidy and clean secrets to themselves, and some have not even passed them on to their children ensuring they learn the hard way.  However, with a bit of sleuthing, and a promise that no one was harmed we can reveal The Secrets to Keeping Your Home Clean All Year Round and here they are.


There is a huge difference between cleaning a house and keeping it clean and tidy. This is one of the top secrets that was revealed. Create a routine of tasks that must be done daily, weekly and even monthly and stick to them. Setting aside time for laundry, making sure dishes are cleaned or placed in the dishwasher straight after use. As part of this routine set aside a certain amount of time to clean each day and treat your home like a business where targets must be set and met always. Planning is the secret.

One room at a time

Another secret to keeping your home clean all year round is to clean one room at a time and get it to the standard or cleanliness and tidiness you expect. Don’t get distracted, switch your phone off if need be and maybe even set a timer to get the room you are cleaning ship shape. Trust me, this secret was one that came as a surprise, but if you think about it, it does make sense as there are always only a limited number of rooms in any property.


Every household unwittingly hordes piles of things that are not needed but are believed to be needed somewhen in the future. Old magazines and newspapers are prime examples. Toss out any junk, freecycle it or give it to a charity if you have no use for it. Remember, the less stuff you have, the less clutter there will be, and less clutter gives the impression of a clean house. The housewives we spoke to all said that de-cluttering is a fun mind game that makes a house seem cleaner.

Good cleaning materials

Don’t skimp on cleaning materials. Buy the right cleaning materials for the job, and each job will go quicker, and the cleanliness will be better.

Get some help

The final secret we can reveal is that the real secret to keeping a house clean all year round is to get some help. Hiring a professional cleaning company for a once over each week or even daily help is the secret that we really had to squeeze out of those we spoke to. Hiring a cleaning company is more cost-effective than many appreciate, and they clean well and clean fast.

Follow these few secrets to keeping your house clean all year round and you will always have a clean house. As we all know a clean house is a happy house.

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