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How to keep your house cool without Airconditioning

How to keep your house cool without Airconditioning

The warmer weather is coming, and you need to keep yourself, your family and your house cool.  Home Depot has been the leading home maintenance and hardware store in the US and the guys at home depot know all about cooling in summer.  We Are Coupons helps you save money at Home Depot with the best Home Depot Money Off Coupons on the web – how cool is that?  Here are a few ways to keep your house cool as the weather warms up.

Close the Blinds

As much as we all love daylight and the blue sky windows can create a lot of heat.  One of the easiest ways to cool a room is to simply close the blinds.  If a room is not being used you do not need light to our in, so to ensure a room is cool for when you do use it close the blinds and then close them again when you have left the room.

Counter Clockwise Fans

A simple trick that not everyone knows about to reverse your ceiling fans.  Fans turning counterclockwise with the blades adjusted correctly makes a massive difference when cooling your home. Furthermore, upping the speed of the fan can also make a room cooler.


Insulation is what most people assume is used to keep a house warm.  Insulation stops cold air from getting in and warm air from escaping,  The reverse is also true, insulation keeps cool air in and stops hot air from entering.  Loft insulation keeps a house cooler with ease.

Baking and Washing

Ovens and tumble drier pump out heat and are wonderful for warming a house on those cold winter months. To keep a house cool try and bake or use tumble dryers at night to avoid excess heat from filling the rooms on a hot summer’s day.

Create an ocean breeze

Most of us are not lucky enough to live in a beachfront property where an ocean breeze cools your home.  However, there is a way to recreate a see breeze using ice and a fan. This simple hack lowers the temperature of room fast by simply placing a bucket or bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan.  Try it, it is really works!

Window film insulation

The sun beating down on windows causes a lot of heat.  A simple and cost-effective way to reduce this is to apply reflective window film.  This reflects the heat of the sun and cools a room fast meaning you can sit inside, enjoy the view and stay cool.

Install an  awning

When keeping a house cool shade is everything.  One of the best ways to create shade is to install an awning. An awning cools the air directly outside your windows and doors and cools the room perfectly on a warm summer day. 


All these cooling ideas cool your home without air conditioning and this means you save money on your utility bills

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