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How to Style Your Modern Living Room With Textures

How to Style Your Modern Living Room With Textures

The Home Depot has everything you need to decorate and style your home to the way you want it.  With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can style your home for less. Texture is one of the few rules that apply to any room's decorating scheme. You can add color to your living room by adding textures like woven wood or metal. Light-colored furniture and a neutral color scheme work best in a modern setting. Light-colored furniture and neutral-colored rugs add texture and visual interest to your room. And, of course, you can always use neutrals to keep the look stylish.


Texture is one of the few laws of any room's decorating scheme

There are many different ways to incorporate texture into a room. For example, a book spine on a side table can have a different texture from a sculpted glass lamp base. Wall treatments and artwork can provide varying levels of texture, so every ounce of a room should be thought of when creating a design scheme. Contrasting textures will create layers and balance, and can give the room a unique feel.


Light-colored furniture

A dark-colored couch can be a dramatic centerpiece in a modern living room, but light-colored sofas and accent tables can also make a great contrast. In this case, the couch is the focal point, making the black accent table and coffee table largely disappear. Dark walls also highlight light furniture and make it more prominent. Coastal living rooms are also often decorated with light-colored furnishings, and many use earth tones and texture.


Area rugs

A bold, black and white pattern of this rug makes an eye-catching addition to any living room. Made of a blend of wool and viscose, this rug has a subtle shimmer and luxurious handfeel. A white couch will look stunning in this room, especially when paired with black and white throw pillows. This modern living room decor is sure to impress your friends and family.


Neutral colors

While many people love bright and bold colors in their homes, neutral colors are a safe middle ground. They will go with nearly any decor and design and are versatile enough to accommodate changes in style without overwhelming the room. Neutrals are also ideal for decorating in public spaces, such as your living room or hallway. Here are the advantages of neutral colors for your living room. Listed below are just a few of the benefits.


Minimalist design

When choosing furniture, you should opt for minimalist design. Minimalist style can be achieved without built-ins, but you can still add an entertainment center, bookcase, and television stand. A window seat or desk can serve as a study station. Seating is crucial in a minimalist design, so add accent chairs or a roomy sectional. While minimalism is a trend, you do not want your space to appear cold and sterile. If you want to add some texture to your minimalist design, you can go for natural materials like leather, wood, or stone.


Accent chairs

Contemporary living rooms often include a few accent chairs, and accent chairs can be the perfect way to add some unique personality to the room. A sculptural wood chair, for example, adds warmth to a contemporary room. If you prefer a more comfortable chair, consider upholstered ones in colors or patterns you would not normally choose. You can also choose contemporary designer armchairs in cardboard, inflated steel, or even eco-friendly cork.

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