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Modern Bathroom Must Haves

Modern Bathroom Must Haves

Bathrooms needs to be functional above all else but style and comfort also play a role. A bathroom is a place to relax while having a soak in the tub or a place to be energized in the shower before a new day begins. Lowes has everything you need to create the perfect bathroom and with a Lowes Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons you have an amazing bathroom and pay even less. But what must every bathroom have? Here are our top tips:

Places to store stuff

Many bathrooms are not exactly great for storing all the things you need, people tend to forget this and as bathrooms are rarely the largest room in the house there is often simply no space. Storage is vital in a bathroom, space for towels and toiletries is important and spending some time and effort on creating innovative storage in your bathroom is something you will never regret.

Trash Can

This is one of the most obvious bathroom necessities but it often something many households overlook. A trash can need not look like a smelly, dirty thing and Lowes has a superb range of trash cans that look trendy and stylish in any bathroom. A simple trash can in one of those strange investments that you will never look back on.

Toilet Roll Holder

Another simple yet easily overlooked bathroom essential is a toilet roll holder. Unsightly plastic packets filled with toilet rolls is not a toilet roll holder. A simple and stylish toilet roll holder that keeps toilet roll dry and conveniently handy is a superb investment in your bathroom and once you have one you will wonder how to ever did without one.

Massage shower head

This is much more of a nice to have rather than an essential but once you experience a massaging shower head you will soon realise how essential it is. A good shower head vital in a bathroom, shower heads easily become dirty and fill up with gunk and stuff so replacing your shower head every year or so is recommended. So, why not spend a little extra cash or use a Lowes Money Off Coupon to save some money and invest in a massaging shower head.

Good Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is important and investing in stylish and functional lighting is something everyone should consider. A single light is ok but there are many other ways to brighten up bathroom with lighting. Mirror lighting makes shaving and putting on make up so much easier and sound controlled dimmer lighting allows you to dim the lights when soaking in the tub to make things so much more tranquil.

Bluetooth Music

This is a personal favorite and having music at your fingertips in your bathroom is a twenty first century must have in any bathroom. Standalone or built in Bluetooth speakers allow you to have you music in your bathroom to either sing along to in the shower or relax to in the tub!

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