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How to choose the right kitchen stool

How to choose the right kitchen stool

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and as any American knows is the place everyone congregates even if you have amazing and super comfortable lounge. Because of this fact you need to have the right seating in your kitchen, and this means choosing the right kitchen stool. With a little help from Lowes and some awesome Lowes Printable Coupons from We Are Coupons this is easy to do. There are many factors to consider and this short guide will help you

The height is right

One of the most important elements in choosing the right kitchen stool is to make sure your stools are the right height. By measuring the height of your counter, you will get the first clue as to the height of the ideal stool for your kitchen. For comfort you will need between 9 and 10 inches between the seat and the edge or lip of the counter. The following with help you choose the right height of stool:

Heights of counter stools are generally 24″-26″ inches from floor to seat.

Heights of bar stools are generally 28″-30″ from floor to seat.

How many stools

Knowing the difference between how many stools you want and how many you can comfortably accommodate is an important things to consider when choosing the right kitchen stool.  Sitting comfortably is vital,  seating too many people squeezed in around your counter space is very uncomfortable and you will regret buying too many stools. For an idea of how many stools you can comfortably fit the following will help:

If the widest part of your stool is 16″-18″ allow 21″-22″ of space per stool.

If the widest part of your stool is 19″- 22″ allow 24″ to 25″ of space per stool.

If you choose stools that swivel and/or have arms, you will need to create more space between each stool

Stool Style

Having the right style of stool is important and the choices today are vast. Simple wooden stools are popular but these are not always the most comfortable. Stools with cushions are more comfortable but with the wrong choice of cushion  material they can  be difficult to clean. From stainless steel through wood through modern aluminum and even cheap and cheerful plastic there are so many materials to choose from alone that style is even more difficult. Do you want stools with a back or with arms, with these you need to consider space or do you want something modern and trending or traditional and more simple. All these things need to be considered and that it why it makes sense to head to your nearest Lowes store and pick and choose what you really want. Remember there is a place for mix and match, who says each stool has to be the same?

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