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How to Spring Clean Your Home in One Weekend - Part 2

How to Spring Clean Your Home in One Weekend - Part 2


Spring is here and you want to give your home a full spring clean. With a Home Depot Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons a spring clean costs less. The first step to spring cleaning is making a list of all the tasks you want to tackle. This helps keep you motivated and will help you break down the task into manageable steps.




Decluttering your home is a great way to make sure you don’t have any items hanging around that are taking up space but not adding any value to your life. It can also help you feel more organized and relieve stress.


The first step to decluttering is to get a list of items that need to be purged. This can be anything from clothing to old school appliances and even books that no longer hold any interest for you or your family.


When you make a list, you can decide whether each item should be put in the trash or donated. This will help you quickly see if it’s worth keeping or not, and it will save you time and effort as you work through your house.


To simplify the process, you can use the four-box method and label each box as “trash”, “give away”, “recycle”, or “keep”. Each time you enter a room, pick up each item that needs to be purged and place it in one of these boxes.


It may take you a few sessions to get through all of the boxes, but it will be well worth it once you do. You’ll have a clearer picture of what you own and you won’t be afraid to let go of any items that aren’t working for you anymore.


If you have any items that you haven’t used in a year or more, try to find a good home for them. If you don’t have a place for them, sell them on eBay or donate them to a local charity.


For some, decluttering their homes is a necessity for financial reasons. Others are just looking for a fresh start and want to rid themselves of things that don’t belong. Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that decluttering is a life-changing experience and doesn’t have to be painful.


If you’re struggling with decluttering your belongings, remember that it’s not about how much stuff you have, but how much you value yourself. By focusing on your true self and how your possessions are either adding to or taking from your life, you can learn to embrace your own personal values and create a life that is filled with the things that really matter to you.


Get the Family Involved

When spring comes around, many people look forward to spending time outdoors and enjoying the warmer weather. However, this can be a stressful period for some families. One way to combat this is by getting the whole family involved in spring cleaning your house.


While the idea of having the kids clean might sound a bit overwhelming, you can make it fun and exciting for everyone! By incorporating games and prizes into the routine, you can turn chores into an exciting activity for your whole family.


Having the children help you declutter is also an excellent opportunity for them to learn how to take responsibility for their own belongings. They can practice identifying which items need to be kept and which ones are going to be donated.


Before you begin your spring cleaning, decide which tasks should be done by each family member. You can also choose a consistent time each day that will work for all members of the family. This will help them know when they can expect to have a chance to get some work done, and it will motivate them to do their part.


Assign the chores based on age and ability so that everyone is working towards a common goal. This will help everyone feel like they are a part of the process and it is more likely that the task will be completed by the time the spring cleaning is complete.


The best way to do this is by creating a list and assigning each person to one task on that list. This is a great way to make sure that all the different tasks are completed and that they are all being done properly.


Keeping an organized list of all the cleaning tasks that need to be done will make it easier for you to follow through with them. It will also give you a better idea of how long each chore should take and how much work it is.


Once you have the list, get the kids involved by having them each pick a task that they can do for the entire family. Then, have them each tick off their list as they finish each task. This will make it much more enjoyable for them to participate in the cleaning, and they will be less likely to feel resentful for not being able to do as much as other family members.

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