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How to make your garden child friendly - Part 2

How to make your garden child friendly - Part 2

Lowes has been helping families make their homes happy places. From comfortable lounges to blissful bathrooms Lowes has all you need for a happy and child friendly home. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything you need for your home. In this part two of this article we will continue with some ideas to make your garden child friendly.


Outdoor Play


The key elements to consider when creating an outdoor play space such as sand and water, privacy, toys and plants. How to set up a playground to encourage active outdoor play. Here are 10 ideas on how to turn your garden into an exciting and beautiful place to play without investing heavily in expensive structures, expensive structures, and permanent structures that your kids will soon outgrow.




Our garden activities for kids may have already inspired you, but when it comes to the actual design, we're here to help. Here are some quick and easy ways to create and improve your garden at the same time. There are many ways to use a child's active imagination and turn gardening into a fun activity. In addition to the methods above, there are many other ways to create a kid-friendly garden, including building a campsite, drawing a wall on a chalkboard, and even building a climbing wall for kids.




Creating an outdoor space your kids will love is more than just a boredom-free backyard afternoon; it's about connecting with nature, being a breath of fresh air, being physically active, and providing opportunities for learning and exploration, which is great for children's growth and development. You should take this opportunity to provide your children with all the tools they need to experience nature. A great way to get older kids interested in gardening and make them feel like they have a responsibility is to gift them their own set of gardening tools.


Growing Veg


Vegetable beds are a great addition to a garden for the whole family, but for kids they are a particularly fun project as they can see their hard work pay off and (hopefully) taste what they grow. Kid-friendly landscaping designs can be designed in a fun way for kids and adults alike, and are an exciting choice for those looking for a backyard redesign. The inclusion of elements such as bean forts, spiral beds, herb containers painted with homemade markers also make the garden more charming and fun.


Fake Grass


Artificial grass is available all year round, no matter the season, so it allows kids to have fun playing in the kid-friendly garden. The scent is especially enticing and makes your garden a more pleasant place to play. There is a small area to work in and less housework (such as less weeding), making gardening affordable and easy.




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