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How to clean and stay clean cleaning

How to clean and stay clean cleaning

It’s spring and we are all in the mood to do some spring cleaning. Not. 

Home Depot stocks everything you need to clean your home properly. We are coupons can save you money on all your cleaning equipment and materials at Home Depot with the best Home Depot Coupons on the net.  But few of us really like cleaning because cleaning is dirty work. So how can you clean and stay clean cleaning your home?  Here is how…

The right equipment and tools

One of the top reasons a person cleaning gets dirty when cleaning is because they are using the wrong tools or wrong equipment. Tips such as using microfibre cloths with dusting the TV can make cleaning cleaner. Microfibres wipe up dust easily and quickly.  Microfibre cloths are also cheap and last a long time.  Furthermore, handheld appliances can make cleaning so much easier Dustbusters are a dream invention and clean up mess and spills fast and do so keeping you clean!  Use the right tools for the job and you will clean  cleaner.

Clean Frequently

Clean and stay clean cleaning is not easy if you are constantly doing big cleans or a spring clean. The real trick to cleaning and staying clean is to clean frequently and often. Small cleans or cleaning as soon as you notice a mess saves time and effort. These same small cleans often mean you do not get dirty, or as dirty while cleaning.

Keep your Cleaning stuff handy

One of the biggest reasons people don’t clean up as they go along is that their cleaning tools and materials are not kept handy. Sure, you can put away the big items and large mops but keeping some disinfectant, furniture polish, detergent and some clean cloths handy makes cleaning easy. This also makes cleaning frequently easy and this means you get less dirty while cleaning.


Clean to a plan

The worst way to clean and stay clean is to dive right in without a plan.  Cleaning with strategy and plan makes cleaning easier and more efficient and in doing so ensures you don’t get as dirty while cleaning. With a cleaning you know when you have jobs to do that will make you dirty and you be prepared for this…  some tasks will always make you dirty.

Protect yourself

The final way to clean and sta clean cleaning is you protect yourself. Overalls, gloves and masks all help you keep clean. Wear older clothes if you must, don’t ruin new ones and you won’t mind getting a little bit dirty.


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