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Essential Cleaning Equipment for COVID19

Essential Cleaning Equipment for COVID19

With the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire cleanliness and sanitization has never been more in the spotlight. Hand cleaning has become a way of life, even if it wasn’t before, and keeping a home clean has become even more important. Keeping your home clean is easy, especially with a little help from Lowes where you can use a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons to save money on all the essentials – yes Lowes are open during the current crisis. But what essential cleaning equipment do you need to keep your home spotlessly clean?

A sponge

Every household needs a good sponge to soak up liquids and give surfaces a good clean. Whether you choose a cheap and cheerful sponge, a sponge with a textured pad on one side or a fancy silicone sponge you know this is the one item you cannot do without

Microfibre cloths

They seem to have been around forever and a microfibre cloth is one of the most versatile cleaning essentials every home needs. They can been used dry to dust something over, with cleaning chemicals to scrub deep down or simply made damp with water to wipe everything down. Microfibre cloths are disposable and you should always make sure you have plenty in the home.

White Towels

These handy towels often referred to as bar towels are ideal for cleaning everywhere around the house. Of course you can choose any colour but white shows the dirt and you can see clearly when they need a good wash and replacing.

A squeegee

A squeegee will be the best investment you can make you once used you will wonder how you ever cleaned without out. A squeegee is perfect for cleaning windows and glass around the home, quick and effective and far more practical than trying to use a cloth. A squeegee is also the best tool in the world for cleaning tiles in bathrooms and showers without leaving streaks.

A bucket

It sounds silly but there are quite a few homes that lack a good bucket. A bucket with a strong handle will last a long time, you should ideally have a handful of buckets for indoor and outdoor use. There are various types of bucket that range for basic round buckets to specialist mopping buckets designed to help you wring out your mop.

Spray Bottles

Many cleaning chemicals come in spray bottles today but having a few spare spray bottles to mix up diluted chemicals or disinfectants is essential, especially in the current crisis. Spray bottles come in various sizes and become one of the most useful pieces of cleaning equipment you can imagine.

Broom, Brush and Dustpan

Brushes, Broom and of course a Dustpan are essential items of cleaning equipment in any home. From stiff brooms useful for outside sweeping or sweeping down carpets through scrubbing brushes and soft dustpan brushes you ideally need at least one of each to keep your house swept clean.

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