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Lowes in COVID19 : What is happening

Lowes in COVID19 : What is happening

There is a fine balance between controlling the spread of COVID19 and keeping things as normal as possible. All over the world the Coronavirus has seen billions of people locked down and told to stay at home. America is no exception and the stay at home message is spreading from state to state, city to city and people are adhering to the recommendations and only heading out for essentials. Lowes is remaining open, albeit under some conditions and this does mean you can spend your Lowes Money Off Coupons.

What is Lowes doing?

Last week we presented a letter from the CEO of Lowes who assured shoppers that the company was taking the COVID19 crisis seriously. This week we will look a little closer at shopping at Lowes during these testing times. Lowes stocks many essentials and an array of emergency items and thus is doing its best to meet up with potential demand.

Lowes is closing all stores at 7pm each day to allow for essential replenishing, logistics and supply of products is being challenged and many suppliers are either closed completely or only working on a skeleton staff making production levels lower. This earlier closing also allows each store to be fully cleaned and sanitized before opening the next day.

Social distancing rules have been applied to all stores as is the protocol with the Coronavirus. Customers will be monitored and guided through the stores by Lowes employees to ensure a safe and controlled flow of traffic. Furthermore, many stores have implemented new store layouts to help ensure distance between customers is maintained and also allow for a quicker shopping experience.

All stores are now using an APP that helps manage floor traffic allowing for numbers of shoppers to be limited in accordance with CDC rules. The safety of all customers is of paramount importance. To further improve levels of safety in stores plexiglass screens have been set up around checkout points further reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

Quick curbside pick up systems have been implemented at most stores to enable goods purchased to be collected and put in your vehicle easily. When something has been ordered for collection the new procedures mean that customers coming to collect do not have to enter the store.

Lowes is taking the Coronavirus very seriously and whilst they would love to welcome you to their stores, if what you need is not essential they are recommending that you stay at home.

From Lowes and from us here at We Are Coupons, please stay safe.

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