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Top Appliances for a small or tiny kitchen

Top Appliances for a small or tiny kitchen

Once upon a time, Big was beautiful but today everyone is learning to live small and utilise less space. Tiny living is an in way of living and this means you need appliances that are functional yet small. Lowes has all the compact, space saving appliances you need and with Lowes Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons you can pay less for the smaller items you want. So, what are the top appliances for a small or tiny kitchen?

Countertop Dishwasher

In a small kitchen there is very little space for most things and if you are a family living in a small space with a small kitchen is dishwasher is perhaps a dream. Well, dream no more as the solution is here. Countertop dishwashers take up very little space and work well in small kitchens saving time and effort when it comes to washing up after feeding a family.

Mini Fridge

Keeping things cool or even frozen in a small space can be a challenge. Shopping for groceries when you have a small kitchen changes and bulk buying for the freezer cannot happen. However, you can keep things cold and frozen in a small space with relative ease and small mini fridges and freezers have a surprising amount of storage space. Lowes has a good range of compact and mini fridges and freezers that save tremendous amounts of space in the kitchen yet maintain functionality.

Hot plates and cooktops

Many small or tiny living kitchens do not have space for a stove and this is a problem. In cases where space is at an absolute premium hotplates and cooktops become essential. These super-compact cooking rings are perfect and allow you to boil a pan on any surface with ease. Once used and your meal has been cooked you simply allow the appliance to cool down, clean it and store it back in the cupboard.  These very basic appliances are lifesavers for many people.

Microwave Toaster Oven

Where there is little or no space for a stove or an oven the company all-in-one microwave Toaster Oven is a dream appliance. This very functional appliance often has heater rings on top and is very much the smallest range or stove you can imagine. Many people have demonstrated that a full family meal can be easily cooked with one of these amazing appliances.

Going small or downsizing does not mean you need to go without all the appliances that make your life easy. With a little thought and a visit to Lowes you can equip even the smallest kitchen and make it the most functional kitchen you have ever known.

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