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The Only Knives You need in the kitchen

The Only Knives You need in the kitchen

Home Depot has everything you need to be a master chef in your own home.  They have every home appliance and gadget imaginable instore and at a great price.  To save even more money on everything you need for your kitchen simply download a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon and you are A for Away.  The simplest things are often the most important things and in your kitchen this means your knives. You don’t need hundreds of different knives, you don’t even need ten, experts say you only need four.  That’s right, four knives and here are the four you need

Chef’s Knife

These 10 inch or 8 inch blades are your workhorse. These knives cut everything and anything and many chefs refer to their Chef’s knife as their third hand.  The long blade makes them an efficient kitchen tool for slicing and dicing with ease. A quality steel blade will sharpen easily and stay sharp and never let you down. It is worthwhile investing in the best Chef’s knife you can afford, you won’t regret it.

Paring Knife

Sometimes known as a Chef or Housewife’s best friend.  A short, sharp paring knife is the tool for peeling and coring.  The paring knife is the handiest knife in the kitchen for all those little jobs. If you have children that are wanting to learn to cook then the paring knife will be the first knife they use. As always, ensure you paring knife is made from quality steel and kept sharp; there is nothing more dangerous than a blunt knife.

Serrated Bread Knife

The serrated bread knife is not just for cutting slices of fresh crusty bread. This important knife in the Chef’s collection is superb for slicing cabbage and even tomatoes (always wash your blade after cutting acidic tomatoes) where the serrated edge create grip and gives control.

Carving or Slicing knife

Thinner than the Chef’s knife a carving knife is designed to cut thinner slices.  The narrow blade encourages a sawing action when in use and when properly sharpened it will glide through meat or poultry as if is cutting through butter. Again, quality matters and spending a little more on your carving knife will give you many years of safe use.

Cutting Board

Once you have your four knives you need a good cutting board. Ideally you should have a selection of boards for meat, poultry, vegetables and bread.  Wooden boards are preferred by chefs but modern plastic is commonplace today. 

With your four knives and cutting board you are now ready to cook up a storm.

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