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Five simple Kitchen Remodelling tips that give bang for your buck

Five simple Kitchen Remodelling tips that give bang for your buck

Kitchen remodelling can be a dream or a total nightmare, sometimes the idea of remodelling remains simply an idea and sometimes what starts out as a bold plan ends up getting half way and remaining there for another 5 years. Home Depot knows more about remodelling kitchens than many will imagine, they know how to create a luxury look on a low budget and they know the process of a remodel step by step. We Are Coupons helps you save money for a full or part kitchen remodel using a Home Depot Money Saving Coupon, so what is stopping you?

Remodelling need not be a nightmare and these 5 simple tips€ selected from many will go a long way to making your remodelled kitchen your dream kitchen.

Plan and Prepare


“Failing to plan is planning to fail” is a saying that holds a great deal of truth. In remodelling, your kitchen don’t just get up out of bed and say “Hunny, I want to remodel the kitchen” and then accept your husband’s grunt from the pillow as the green light to go as you race down the stairs and start pulling off cupboard doors.  Plan what you want from a Kitchen remodel; list what you like in your current kitchen, list what you don’t like, list what you want to have and think about how the kitchen will be used.  Then draw up your plan, it’s a good idea to have this done professionally, and begin to work.



With your planning, you can now budget both financially and for time. Set yourself a budget and set yourself milestones, and you will soon find that not only will you remain in budget but will very likely spend a little less and get the remodelling done that bit quicker. Giving yourself parameters in your budget is essential and it is often this that sees even the most well-planned kitchen remodel fall apart – planning and budgeting are your keys to success

Keep the plumbing in place


It may be that you want your kitchen to be facing out of the window and onto your garden, but if the plumbing is not there where you need it to be you might want to think again. Moving of plumbing and wiring can become the most costly part of a kitchen remodel and it can lead to many other consequences that snowball.  By all means, find out what it will cost to move plumbing and if it is an absolute must then do so, but the cost will be high and it will be much wiser to spend the cash elsewhere

Look at what you have

Much of what you have can very likely be reused or given an amazing facelift. Cupboards, fittings and fixtures are some of the most cash consuming components of a kitchen remodel.  Consider sanding down your cabinets and having them professionally repainted or dipped, this can save thousands of dollars that you can spend elsewhere or on appliances. Remember recycling is green and green is trendy.

Use the best small things         


Handles, knobs and pulls are what you and people see and feel in your kitchen. Having saved on your cupboards by simply repainting them and perhaps repositioning you will have a little extra to spend on those finishing touches. They may only be small things but spending an extra dollar or five on each can bring and will bring added life and luxury to your kitchen turning your economy class kitchen into a first class kitchen.

These five simple tips can save you money and time and make your kitchen look and feel better than brand new and leave your friends and neighbours amazed at your new kitchen.


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