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How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

For decades Home Depot has been helping people keep their homes in superb condition.  While Home Depot is always affordable using a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons can save you even more money.  One great way to save money is paint your kitchen cabinets rather than replace them. Here is how to paint your cabinet cupboards and uplift your kitchen in next to no time.

The Right Paint

The most important thing to remember when painting your kitchen cabinets is to use the right paint. Most kitchen cabinet doors are wooden and paint for wood is the paint to use, ask at Home Depot if you need help. Once you know the right paint you can choose the color and that is entirely up to you and you can  go wild. Once you have the paint there are six simple steps to get the job done.

Step 1 Remove the Doors

Never paint your cabinet doors when they are hanging.  Remove each door from its hinges and keep the screws in a safe place.  It make sense to take every door off at the same time rather than do one at a time. Remove any handles, hinges and other accessories that you don’t need or want to paint and keep these in a safe place.

Step 2 Wash the Doors

Your kitchen is a magnet for dirt and grease and your cabinet doors are going to be filthy. A simple sugar soap solution normally does the trick and this simple step is one you won’t regret later. Take your time on this simple but import step.

Step 3 Sand the doors

The next step is to sand down the doors,  much easier when cleaned and all the grease and muck is removed.  You can sand the doors with sandpaper and get them down to the wood pr base material. If your doors have chips or cracks that may need filling, then do so and sand down the wood filler.

Step 4 Prime

While many paints today are self-priming, for a professional finish and a really good looking Kitchen prime the doors. It is best to use a small roller for an even finish that will enable the paint to bond. This step is vitally important and will leave your cupboards looking like new.

Step 5 Paint

With a small roller paint your doors with the gloss or satin paint of your choice. Paint the doors evenly and slowly and coat evenly.  Once dry sand this coat of paint and then paint again for the perfect finishing touch

Step 6 Reassemble

Once you have left the paint to dry for 24 hours you can reassemble the doors and rehang them. You might want to renew the handles and accessories, if you do this is best done before the doors are hung. Hang the doors and step back in amazement as your kitchen looks brand new!

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