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How to Clean the House for Thanksgiving

How to Clean the House for Thanksgiving

Lowes has all the cleaning supplies you need and they cost less with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's time to get your house in tip-top shape. The in-laws are coming over and chances are, you haven't cleaned your home for months, or even years. But you don't have to despair, there are tips to help you get the house in tip-top shape.


Cleaning the kitchen

Before the holiday season, it's important to clean the kitchen thoroughly. You want your refrigerator to have room for all of your Thanksgiving leftovers and your dishwasher to run smoothly. You should also wash and iron your cloth tablecloths and napkins. It's also a good idea to clean any serveware or stemware. After all, nobody wants to see dirty glasses!


Taking the time to clean the kitchen before Thanksgiving is also a good idea if you are having guests over for the holiday. Counters and other surfaces can quickly become piled-up with leftover food, making it difficult to prepare a delicious meal. Besides, it's important to clean the oven, stovetop, and other areas that will be viewed by guests. You can even make your own stain-removal solution to avoid the need for harsh chemicals.


Cleaning the bathroom

Before your Thanksgiving visitors arrive, it is important to make sure that your bathroom is clean. This includes cleaning the sinks and toilets. The sinks and toilets should be sanitized daily and the toilet bowls should be cleaned regularly. Also, make sure that there is plenty of toilet paper and soap, as well as fresh toothpaste. If your bathrooms are particularly grimy, you may want to hire a professional cleaning service to give them a deep cleaning.


The bathroom is a very common area in a home. Soap scum and hard water stains can be a major issue in the bathroom. If it's a powder room, make sure that all bathroom hardware is polished and shining.


Cleaning the basement

If you've decided to spend this Thanksgiving holiday renovating your home, you'll want to start with cleaning the basement. This space is often filled with dust and cobwebs, and you may be surprised at just how much stuff you have. When cleaning the basement, start from the top down and clean all the fixtures and surfaces. You'll also want to dust all the windows and blinds, and clean the baseboards. Finally, deep clean the carpets and hard flooring.


First, take down any pictures or decorations. Also, remove any furniture that's in the way of the drain. Make sure the drain is clear before you start using a pressure washer. If the basement doesn't have a drain, you'll want to reconsider using a pressure washer. Next, mix detergent according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once you have a proper mixture, start spraying the walls three feet away. Work your way closer as you gain experience and become more comfortable with the process.


Cleaning the house before guests arrive

Cleaning the house before your Thanksgiving guests arrive is important for a number of reasons. It will save you from rearranging decorations after the party is over and will ensure that your guests walk into a clean house. In addition, you won't have to worry about tackling the chores of cleaning the upstairs after your guests arrive.



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