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Thanksgiving Traditions for 2020

Home Depot loves thanksgiving and we have helped many households get their properties in tip-top condition for the holiday season. We are coupons can help you save money on getting your property in tip-top condition with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon. But enough of all the chores and home maintenance, we want you to enjoy thanksgiving and do so with a few unique traditions that you either already do or can start.


COVID-19 may keep many of us indoors this thanksgiving and this means many of us will end up having to entertain ourselves. Today many of us are blessed with great quality TVs with amazing surround sound all linked up to Netflix and Amazon. This means thanksgiving can be the perfect time for some serious family binge-watching. So, plan your binge-watching if you are stuck at home and get excited about the cool stuff you are going to view.

Get the kids involved

Seeing as there is a good chance that your family will be home alone this thanksgiving the best way to keep the kids happy is the get the kids involved.  Having the kids set the table or even plan the meal is a superb tradition any family can begin and see passed on down through the generations.

Birthday for everyone

Thanksgiving is one of the happiest days of the year in most households. So, again because covid may see us all locked up a crazy tradition could be to celebrate everyone’s birthday together. Throughout the year we all celebrate individually and coming together at thanksgiving creates an opportunity to have some fun and have one giant birthday party and of course a birthday cake. 


Not all of us have family to celebrate thanksgiving with, some people have very little to be thankful for. Something that many people traditionally do at thanksgiving is to give back to others. With the COVID-19 Pandemic in full swing this may be challenging in 2020 but by following procedures volunteering at a local soup kitchen can be a very rewarding way to celebrate the holiday.

Cook something different

Does the thanksgiving meal have to a turkey?  Today, America is a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures and yet we are all celebrating the same thing. While many people will traditionally cook a turkey with all the trimmings this does not have to be so. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to cook something different either as the main course, side dish or dessert. This can add a lot of fun to your Thanksgiving meal and can change every year from 2020 on.

Doodle Tablecloth

This is a cool tradition that can create some happy memories. Instead of going all out and buying a new thanksgiving table cloth or hauling out some ancient relic why not create a doodle tablecloth. Cover your table with a simple white sheet and along with the food set out some fabric paint and allow everyone at the table to doodle as they eat. Even place some handprints on the cloth and create an amazing memory that changes every year.

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