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Hiow to have a safe COVID19 Thanksgiving

Hiow to have a safe COVID19 Thanksgiving

Home Depot cares about its customers and in this crazy COVID19 pandemic we care even more. Home Depot stores all over the country are acutely aware of the challenges and concerns that many people are facing. Online shopping is by far the safest way to shop at Home Depot if Coronavirus dies bother you. When shopping online at Home Depot you can save money using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon. Both Home Depot and We Are Coupons know Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we want you to have a happy and safe celebration.  Here are a few tips on how to do so.

Keep Groups Small

Coronavirus is spread from person to person and one way to slow this is to have smaller groups. Having a smaller than usual Thanksgiving gathering, especially when celebrating indoors is essential. By reducing the size of the group the risk from the virus is also lessened. You can still be thankful for a large family but paying this thankfulness forward by keeping gatherings smaller will be much appreciated by everyone. It also makes sense to keep gatherings shorter, 2 to 3 hours is the recommendation from many expert sources. 

Don’t share utensils

One of the simplest ways to keep your meal safe is to avoid the buffet style meal where utensils are passed from person to person. This may sound difficult but with some careful planning it can be achieved with relative ease. Plated meals served by one person is something health experts are recommending.


This may sound crazy but the use of masks has been proven to one of the best ways to contain the virus. Wearing masks for your Thanksgiving celebration may sound awkward and indeed unnecessary but in households with elderly people or those with comorbidities this could be a life saver.

Do things Different

One fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving in a super safe way is to eat virtually. With tools such as Zoom and Skype your family and friends can all gather around a table together while being in your own homes. Video communication platforms are changing the way people do many things and Thanksgiving looks set to be the latest. For the first time in many years bringing family together from around the world together to celebrate a very special time can be easily done. This is kind of the new normal and anyone can come to the party.

Out and about

Thanksgiving also well-known for family days out. Many official sources are recommending that people stay away from crowded spaces and large events, and this makes sense. If you can avoid going to large, organised events just this once you reduce the chance of spreading the virus further. Stay at home with your family, go for a walk in an open space or simply celebrate and be thankful for what and who you have at home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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