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Thanksgiving Talking Points for the table

Thanksgiving Talking Points for the table

Thanksgiving is one of the happiest celebrations of the year. 2020 has been tough to say the least and Home Depot knows that more than anyone else. There are two facts that are for certain, the first is that Home Depot will be closed this Thanksgiving and the second is that We Are Coupons Home Depot Money off coupons save you money when shopping online. However, there are some facts about Thanksgiving that may get people talking. Here are five of them

Happy Halloween

The early Thanksgiving celebrations were more like Halloween all over again than actual Thanksgiving as we know it.  In the past children used to wear butchers masks and knock on doors to ask for pennies in a similar way to trick or treat. Meanwhile, adults dressed up as pirates and goblins. The tradition was thought to be an attempt to introduce European traditions to the New World. The traditions soon faded and they were considered immoral  and of course radio and the Macy’s parade became the thing.

Not at Plymouth

Many of us know how kids have acted out the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth. This however may not have been the first Thanksgiving.  The first Thanksgiving may well have been in 1565 in sunny Florida when Pedro Menendez de Aviles celebrated the founding of St Augustine. Spoken in Spanish with 800 people a mass was followed by a feast to which members of the local Seloy tribe was invited.

Another option for the first Thanksgiving

Both of the above first Thanksgiving may not be correct, particularly if you are looking at the first English speaking Thanksgiving.  Two years before the famous Thanksgiving we all know about a group of 35 settles landed in Virginia. Here John Woodlief celebrated Thanksgiving in English and this could well be the first Thanksgiving – what do you think?


King Kong and Godzilla Day

This is a fact that may have memories for anyone living in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut between 1976 and 1985.  Thanksgiving was celebrated with a marathon of King Kong and Godzilla movies much like the binge watching of today. Sponsored by the Crazy Eddie (“His prices are insaaaaane!”) consumer electronics store the monster movie marathon for some was what Thanksgiving was all about. The build up to the event was amazing and viewer number were very high. This is a strange way to celebrate a day of thanks and perhaps in 2020 it may be quite similar as we celebrate in our homes due to COVID19,



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