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Thanksgiving Home Maintenance

Thanksgiving Home Maintenance

Home Depot loves thanksgiving as much as anyone else but we also know there are plenty of jobs you can do over the thanksgiving holiday.  We Are Coupons loves thanksgiving too and we have all the coupons you need to save money at Home Depot. Whether you are shopping for gifts at Home Depot or buying essentials for some home maintenance a Home Depot Coupon can save you a lot of money when shopping online.  But what about those thanksgiving home maintenance tasks?  Here are some you might want to attempt this thanksgiving

Upgrade and improve your insulation

Thanksgiving is not quite the middle of winter and the temperatures in many states still have a long way to drop.  For this reason you are now in the best place to upgrade and improve your home insultation.  Fill in those gaps around your windows and doors with sealant, add some extra loft insulation and you will notice an instant difference and really benefit when winter truly kicks in.

Give your home a really good clean

You have heard of a spring clean but thanksgiving is also a time to give your home a really deep clean. Thanksgiving is a good time to really give your home a good clean and get it ready for the holidays. Stock up of all the cleaning materials you need, buy a new mop or even a new vacuum cleaner and spend a few hours cleaning. You won’t regret this and it will make your home feel fantastic too.

Repair those broken appliances

You have been promising yourself this all year and now is the time to fix those broken home appliances.  If you can’t fix them you may need to replace them and Home Depot has some of the best specials on home appliance prices at this time of year. So, either way, it is time to ensure all your appliances are working so you can enjoy the holiday season  fully.

Check and clean your chimney

It’s winter and you want to use your fireplace or wood burner. But, when was the last time you checked and cleaned your chimney?  The chimney is an easily overlooked part of your fireplace set-up and around this time of year is the best time to check it for leaks and sweep it.

Replace old windows and doors

We have mentioned insulation but if you are insulating old doors and windows you may well be defeating the object.  Thanksgiving is a great time to replace those broken or just old windows and doors that let in cold air or just make the house look tatty. It is an easy task when you know how and one that is very rewarding.

Put the holiday lights up

Finally, thanksgiving is a happy time of year and is the absolute best time of the year to hang up those holiday lights 

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