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5 Home Maintenance Tasks Kids Can Learn From

5 Home Maintenance Tasks Kids Can Learn From

While Mom and Dad may love shopping at Home Depot with the best Home Depot Coupons from We Are Coupons there comes a time when the kids want to work on the house too.  There are plenty of tasks around the house that need to be done and are never arrived at, often because they are simply easy.  These simple tasks are perfect for kids and giving them the responsibility to do them and complete them is a valuable life lesson.  Here are 5 tasks that your kids can do around the house and learn from.

Create An Inventory

So many people plan to create a home inventory and never get to it. A home inventory seems like a monotonous task and procrastination means it never gets done. The task is also something that simply gets put closer and closer to the bottom of the list. However, this very same task is perfect for kids to do and complete. With some simple instructions and just a little oversight making a home inventory becomes a fun task for any child or group of children. You can also encourage your child or children to keep the home inventory up to date. Many valuable lessons can be learnt from this simple task.

Map Your Electrical System

This is a fun task and yet nobody really likes it. Mapping your electrical panel to the electrical points in the house can become a game for kids that serves a really good purpose. Drawing a plan of your home, floor by floor you can send the kids out on a scavenger hunt to find plug points, light switches and other power points in the house. The result can be mapped to the electrical box. Next, you can have them check and see which lights go off when you trip each circuit breaker. With help from the kids this valuable exercise becomes a quick task and in the long run, is very helpful and even more time consuming down the line.

Plan a fire escape

Homes today are full of hazards and yet while being safer than ever fire is still a risk. With some help from the kids, you can plan a fire escape from your home. First of all, have your kids map out where all the fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are. Next map out all the exit doors in the house. Next, walk around with the kids and test or check each smoke alarm or fire extinguisher, check dates and change batteries. Then once you have this information and you know all is working sit down and work out the fastest and safest way to exit the home from each room.

Paint a Bedroom

Painting is a fun and easy job for kids to undertake and yet while a child cannot perhaps complete this on his or her own they can feel a great deal of accomplishment and that they are in charge. Get them to look at paint colors then help choose the right paint.  Get them to help prep the room and then have them paint (in their own way)  the first coat on the lower easy to reach parts of the wall. You can then paint the final coat more professionally. Getting your kids involved with painting a room, especially their own room, is a fun bonding exercise that will never be forgotten.

Make the house look good

Finally, a superb task for kids is to make the house look good. Sweeping and cleaning the front yard and driveway is a great task that can teach them about pride. Tidy up twigs, put up bird feeders and even weed the flower beds. Kids will enjoy it is they don’t see this as a chore!

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