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Important Gardening Tasks for Fall

Important Gardening Tasks for Fall

Lowes has everything you need to make your garden look fabulous this Fall.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all the gardening items you need. The first important garden task to do is raking leaves. Once the leaves are gone, you can apply mulch and start pruning. Next, plant spring flowering bulbs. Once all the leaves are dead, you can start planting for next spring. These are all important gardening tasks to do in the fall, so make sure to get started now. Here are 10 essential gardening tasks to do before winter sets in. Hopefully, these tasks will help you get the best spring garden possible.


Raking leaves

While raking leaves can be a tedious chore, it can also be one of the most beneficial tasks you can perform. Leaves are a great source of free mulch and can insulate the ground from winter freezes, improving the soil in the spring. You can also use leaves to pack around and layer over the root zone of your plants, such as roses. These leaves will provide added warmth to the cold weather, and they can also protect delicate perennials from freeze cycles.


Applying mulch

One of the most important gardening tasks for fall is applying mulch around plants. Mulch helps retain soil moisture and protects roots from freezing temperatures. Mulch also protects soil from erosion and keeps it warmer than the surrounding soil. It also helps suppress weed growth. Applying mulch around your plants will reduce the amount of work you have to do in spring. Mulch is also an excellent insulator for your plants. It is important to apply mulch around the base of plants, as well as around the stems.



When is the best time to prune? Early spring or late fall is ideal for most shrubs and trees. The last thing you want to do in the fall is damage your plants! However, pruning your shrubs and trees can help them thrive, so it's worth considering. However, you should never wait until it's too late to start pruning. Depending on your type of shrubs, pruning in late summer or early fall can be harmful to your plants.


Planting spring flowering bulbs

If you are planning to plant spring flowering bulbs in your garden, there are some important tasks you should consider. During the fall, you should feed the bulbs by using an organic fertilizer. You can use 10-10-10 lawn food, composted cow manure, or Espoma Organics Bone Meal. Fertilize the bulbs when their leaves are barely visible, and water them lightly to work the fertilizer into the soil.


Adding nutrients to the soil

Adding nutrients to the soil is an important task for fall gardening. This task helps the soil retain moisture and prevents erosion. It also helps plant roots grow and develop. Some of the nutrients you add to the soil are undissolved and do not immediately benefit plants. Think of the soil as a bank. You withdraw money from the bank when your balance is low or deposit it in your savings account when it is high. You then move some of that money into your savings account for long-term retention.


Planting cover crops

One of the most important gardening tasks in the fall is planting cover crops. This type of crop is useful because it can perform a variety of tasks, from fixing nitrogen to fighting pests. It also improves the tilth of the soil and prevents erosion. You can get a list of cover crops in your area by searching for them on the Internet. Once you have a list of cover crops, you can select them according to their functions.

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