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February Gardening Checklist Part 2

February Gardening Checklist Part 2

February is a funny month for gardening enthusiasts throughout the United States.  In the north of the country heavy frosts and snow persist while in the South the weather is warming up but is unpredictable, to say the least. Getting out in the garden is something every gardener wants to do and February is a surprising month with a lot to do.  Lowes has a store full of ideas for you and your garden and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything.  So, what should you be doing in your garden in February? In this three article series we will give an indication of the garden work you need to do broken down by region in the US. In Part two we will cover the USA in general, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions of the country.  


The Northeast of the US can often experience warmer than expected weather in February. This warmer weather truly encourages gardeners to get outside and get to work.  However, on the other hand February can be the harshest winter month of all. In the Northeast, you really cannot win. Much of the gardening work for February in the Northeast will be planning and indoor work apart from those days you can get outside and prune. February is the time to plan and see what you can do better than last year!

In almost every region where the February weather remains cool, pruning is very much the task that needs to be done. It is not vital to get your pruning done in February, if the weather does remain exceptionally cold it can wait till March.

Frost Heaves are still an issue in the Northeast and thus mulching is another outdoor task that will not go without a later reward.

Larger trees and bushes can be inspected for bark damage, this can be especially so if you have problems with voles, rabbits and/or deer.

Force pussy willows and/or Forsythia indoors, although you have all of March to get to this if you forget in February.

Pacific Northwest

In this region spring is almost with us and you can well and truly get into your garden and start gardening. 

There are some simple and important tasks you can complete in February or at least start:

Time to spring clean your flower beds and vegetable plots

Plant your delicious broccoli,  cabbages,  kale, lettuce and onions, this year will produce a good harvest.

Plant your pansies and poppies and add the  first bits of color to your garden

Sow your flower and veggie seeds indoors and get them started

Now is the best time to plant fruit trees

Finish all your pruning

Transfer the tubers and corms that you have been storing into pots.

Begin dividing perennials.

We are almost done with our gardening tour of the United States. Next up will be the final regions of the US Pacific Coast, South East and South West!


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