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A guide to all the tools you need to garden

A guide to all the tools you need to garden

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Garden Tools

When it comes to your garden the one thing you need is tools.  Whether you are starting out or a seasoned gardener tools matter.  If you have a large acreage or small garden box you need tools to plant, nurture and even harvest what you grow.  So, what are the basic tools you need to garden?


This sounds like a very strange thing to start with but a good pair of gardening gloves will be the best investment you can make when it comes to your garden. Your gloves need to be strong but not clumsy and should be suitable for heavy work such as pruning as well as delicate work such as sowing seeds.

Pruning Shears

Another sound investment for gardening is of course a versatile pair of garden shears. You may need a few pairs of these for different purposes and cutting different plants, trees and bushes. Your shears should be strong, sharp and comfortable to hold.

Garden Fork

Before we even get to spades and shovels a good garden fork will form the backbone of your gardening tool kit. There are many types of garden fork made for many different materials. Your garden fork should first of all be strong and not too heavy. The length of the handle the material it is made from also matter. You should hold and handle a few different garden forks before buying one.

Hand Trowel

Back to the delicate work in your garden and next on your list of must have garden tools is a hand trowel. These small tools get you up close to your plants allowing to take out weeds, attend to bedding plants and taking out weeds.  Hand trowels come in a variety of sizes and weights according to the materials they are made from. Again,  you should handle a hand trowel or two before buying.


Finally, the all important spade. A garden spade is the work horse of the garden and used for digging and more digging. A spade needs to be strong and again not to heavy. Spades can be made of various materials and both the spade head (the digging end) and the shaft or handle are important to consider. As always, hold some different spades to ascertain the best for you.

Garden Rake

The final addition to your garden tool set is a garden rake. There are a few different types and styles of rake and you may need one of each depending on the type of work. Some are for raking leaves and grass while others are better for raking soil 

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