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Help your garden beat the heat this summer

Home Depot is the best place for solutions to all your home and garden needs.  Using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon you can save money on everything for your home.  Over the years Home Depot has also been the source of valuable advice and information on how to make your home a better home. At We Are Coupons we like to provide you with useful advice too.  Advice such as this, how to help your garden beat the heat this summer…

Moisture in your garden in key to beating the heat and watering correctly ensures your garden grows all year round. Here is how to water your garden properly and help your garden beat the heat.

Water Your Garden Early

One of the top secrets to a green and glowing garden is to water your plants early. The early bird does catch the worm and early morning watering allows the any water to sink into the roots of your plants before the sun burns it off.

Don’t water the leaves

Fine sprays and sprinklers that spray across all your plants may look like it is watering well and may even be fun but it is not good for your plants. Water on the leaves of your plants and water that doesn’t reach the roots of your plants is not good.  Leaves absorb very little water and water that sits on leaves can lead to fungal diseases.

Water better don’t water more

It is very easy to flood your plants with water in the belief you are doing you garden good. Watering every day is a good thing but knowing how much water your plants need is the key to having a green and successful garden. Watering plants deeply is the key to success either through irrigation under the soil or drip feed irrigation or slow watering with a watering can.

Do your plants need water?

Many gardeners water the same plants and same places in their garden once or even twice a day. This can lead to overwatering and eventually kills your plants. Knowing whether your plants need water is as much a part of watering as watering.  The easiest way to see if your plants need watering is to feel the soil around each plant with your finger. Some plants easily show they need water and these use can use and indicator plants. Keeping a close eye on the moisture levels of your soil helps your garden beat the heat of summer.

Mulch Mulch Mulch

As with most things in life, when it comes to watering your garden and beating the heat, prevention is better than cure.  The best way to really ensure your garden beats the heat of summer and retains as much moisture as possible is to mulch your beds well. Mulching is a lifesaver for all gardens and is natures way of keeping your garden lush all year round!


Hopefully this advice will help you have a green and gorgeous garden this summer!

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