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November Gardening Tasks

November Gardening Tasks

November is suddenly upon us and Home Depot is getting ready for what is often the busiest time of the year. Online shopping in November is full of amazing deals and you can save more on these deals by using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon.

Your garden may seem a barren, cold and strange place in November. Winter is coming and Summer has gone. However, there are still a number of November tasks that need to be done to ensure your garden blooms and blossoms next year.

Rake Up those leaves

November is a time to rake up fallen leaves. There are two reasons for this, firstly, they need raking up to avoid blocking drains and causing chaos when the rain comes. The second reason is to compost them and feed your garden in the future.

Water and Fertilize

It may seem strange but November, despite being a wet month for a lot of people, is your last chance to water your perennials and fertilize your garden. November is when you can basically top things up until spring and send your beds into their winter snooze to wake up ready when the warmer weather comes.

Dig up and store bulbs

Early winter is when you need to dig up your bulbs. Soft and vulnerable bulbs such as dahlias and begonia tubers should be lifted from the soil and properly stored ready for replanting next year.  In places where frosts are common, and winters are harsh this ensures you secure your spring blooms for natural perfection.

Cover Crops

To ensure your garden doesn’t feel bare November is the best time of year to plant some cover crops. Cover crops such as rye grass and crimson clover not only leave your garden with a hint of color and greenery, but they also prevent weeds from growing making spring planting easier.

Winter protection

Preparing your perennials for next year means protecting them this year. Many gardeners cover them with straw but there are a number of other materials and options available today. Most importantly you must not smother the plants and they need to breathe.


Home Depot has all the garden tools and equipment you need to help maintain your garden  this November. Furthermore, Home Depot has gardening experts who can advise you on your particular aspect of your garden.  Don’t forget to shop online and use your We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon to save extra money.

Make this November count and use these tips to make your garden bloom with pride in the spring!

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