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December Gardening

December Gardening

With the advent of December winter is very much upon us. Snow may have fallen or is at least on the radar and our gardens are foremost in our minds for many of us.  Home Depot has all you need to tend to and look after your garden all year round and with a home depot money off coupon from We Are Coupons you can do so for less.  So what are the top tips and things to do in your Garden now December is here?

Fences and Gates

One task you need to do in December is the walk around your garden and check any gates and fences for damage. Heavy snow can cause further damage and addressing it before the snow falsl will save you a great deal of time, effort and money.

Check for Bark Damage

At this time of year many trees and shrubs have become bare. Now is the time you can get up close to the branches and bark and look for any damage. Where you find damage it is wise to wrap the stem, trunk or branch to protect it over winter.

More Mulch

You can never have enough mulch according to many experienced gardeners. Before the ground well and truly freezes you should apply a healthy layer of mulch especially where you have bulbs planted. At the same time you may wish to check on your bulbs to make sure they remain healthy and ready to poke themselves out once the warmer spring weather has arrived.

Get tools and equipment ready for winter

All summer your tools and machinery have been used and now they can rest. Your lawnmower, for example, needs to the stored properly for the winter. Gasoline needs to be removed from the tank and oil should be drained and replaced with fresh oil for the winter. Tools you no longer need to use in winter should be stored appropriately.

Pruning and Trimming

Perhaps the most important tasks for a gardener in December is the pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs. Pruning is something that should ideally be done by someone with a little experience or you should at least call in an expert. Pruning is the best way to promote fresh growth next season and ensure you have good fruit too.

Rake Clean and Tidy

Before winter really sets in you need to rake up any leaves and loose debris in the garden and give the garden a good tidy up.

Take care of your Potted Plants

Now that the colder weather is here you need to move delicate potted plants into the greenhouse or indoors where they will not be harmed by frost and snow.

Tidy the Greenhouse

December is the time of year where you can work more in your greenhouse. To help you with this you should tidy, clean and organize your greenhouse so you have a happy winter of gardening inside it.

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