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Gardening New Year's Resolutions

Gardening New Year's Resolutions

The last year has gone by ever so fast and our gardens have been a source of joy and relaxation for most of it.  Many of us have paid a visit to Home Depot and used a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons to save money on all we need to make our gardens look fabulous. New Year is upon us and New Year’s Resolutions are being made. What New Year’s Resolutions can you make for your garden this year?

Organize your Tools

One thing every gardener needs to do is organize their tools.  Having an organized tool shed should be a top New Year’s Resolution for every gardener in the year ahead. It is all too easy to just to throw things in a bucket or in a corner but when you come to finding them again you cannot find them. Slowing down and setting space aside for each item, no matter how small is important and will certainly make gardening less stressful.

Take Care Of Pests

This doesn’t mean you should welcome pests into your garden, far from it. You should rather be prepared for pests of all kinds. No matter how hard you prepare, pests are guaranteed. From weeds to flies you can expect them all and a little preparation will ensure your are well positioned to deal with them. Some early weeding and a few selected, organic, pesticides should do the trick. Preparation makes dealing with pests easier.

Save More Water

Your garden thrives on water and a top New Year’s resolution for many gardeners is to save more water. Conserving water is a sensible goal for the year ahead. Mulching makes sense and growing native plants also uses less water.  Rain water harvesting is something many gardeners can begin and they can store up water for use when water is in scarce supply. Be good to yourself and your garden and endeavor to save more water next year.

One Big Project

A great idea for any gardener is to take on a new big or challenging project for the year ahead.  Grow something new or different, build something, landscape a new area. Something different in your garden is a great New Year’s Resolution.  You can begin planning now and once Spring is here you can begin. Every gardener should have a plan and a challenge for the year ahead.

Spend more time enjoying

One thing every gardener should promise to do in the New Year is to spend more time in the garden.  Not just more time working in it but more time actually sitting back and enjoying the fruits of their labor. This is perhaps the very best New Year’s Resolution any gardener can make for the year ahead!

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