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6 things to consider when buying new patio furniture

6 things to consider when buying new patio furniture

Spring is here and we all want to spend more time outside.  Lowes has a superb selection of patio furniture that can make enjoying the outdoors comfortable. You can save money on patio furniture from Lowes with a Lowes Coupon from We Are Coupons.  Here are the 6 things to consider when buying new patio furniture


Patio furniture is made from a variety of materials and you have a wide selection to choose from. Plastic is by far the cheapest and this has its pros and cons.  Aluminium is lightweight and weathers well.  Stainless steel is heavier than aluminium and many consider it stronger. Finally with natural materials wood and wicker. Natural materials look amazing but some make need treating to weather the summer sun and even the showers. Each material is very much determined by your budget.

Sets or individual items

You may be replacing a single item; a chair or side table, or you may be looking for an extra chair.  There is plenty of choice in single items, but trends change and you may not be able to find an item that matches your current furniture.  Many people choose to buy a set of patio furniture. Sets come in various sizes from sets for two through four to larger sets for at many at twelve or twenty. Buying as a set does save money and does ensure all your items match. How you purchase is entirely up to you.

Patio  Chairs and Seating

There is a vast array of patio chairs and seating to suit every garden and every pocket.  From simple outdoor patio chairs through swing love seats.  From Hammocks and sun loungers through outdoor bean bags, you can make your patio as formal or fun as you choose. Small garden stools and collapsible chairs can extend seating with ease and keeping some of these in reserve makes a lot of sense.

Patio  Tables

Whether you are looking for an amazing centerpiece or just a practical outdoor table you are spoilt for choice. Side tables, coffee tables and patio dining tables come in a variety of styles and sizes and you can add some real style to your patio. Remember to match your patio table with the height of your patio chairs, many people forget this and it leads to some awkward dining experiences.


Making your patio comfortable and stylish is where your cushions come in. It is always wise to have plenty of spare cushions as they do come in handy. When choosing your cushions, make sure they are for outdoor use, indoor use cushions may fade in direct sunlight or get damaged in a shower.

Umbrellas, Pergolas and Extras

The final touches to your patio are the umbrellas, pergolas and extras. Umbrellas, canopies and gazebos can provide welcome shade from the summer sun and can add some color your patio. As with everything for your patio, there is a wide choice of umbrellas, pergolas and extras for every budget.


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