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Achievable New Years Resolutions for 2021

Achievable New Years Resolutions for 2021

If people had known what 2020 would bring when they made New Years Resolutions in 2019 they may have held back. Even Home Depot was taken by surprise when the pandemic hit and shopping had to change to suit new conditions. Thankfully Online Shopping at Home Depot changed very little and the We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupons came into their own. But 2020 is almost a thing of the past, so what are some achievable New Years Resolutions for 2021?  Here is a handful of ideas

Write a real letter and post it

We are all so used to sending email and text messages. We have spell checkers and grammar checkers and messages and letters are sent instantly. A very achievable New Years Resolution for 2021 could be to write a letter by hand and mail it. It will be therapeutic in some ways, frustrating in others as you have to remember how to spell and you cannot hit backspace to change what you wanted to say. Try it and see what happens!

Drink More Water

This is a big one. Drinking more water is something we should all try and achieve. We drink sodas, beer and coffee and yet we overlook the importance of simple water. Drinking two or three cups of pure water each day has many benefits and is possible for everyone. Try it and you will immediately feel the difference.

Have a Spending Fast

2020 has put a strain in the finances for many of us and for the time being 2021 doesn’t look as comfortable as we would like. A sensible thing to do is to have a spending fast.  To use what would have been spent on things we do not really need and pay off some debt is an easy yet challenging resolution for anyone in 2021.

Support Local

When it comes to groceries why not support local stores instead of the larger chains. Many small stores have superb deals of food prices and some are even  fresher than the bigger chains.

Walk at least One Mile

So many people have the “get fit” or “go to the gym” resolution in their list knowing full well it will fall away in a week or two. An easier one that just going to the gym and getting fit is to walk at least one mile per day. You will be amazed how far you actually walk each day and amazed more at just what a short length one mile is.  This is the sort of life-changing habit resolution most of us need in 2021.


There is no time better than the New Year to declutter the house. Get the whole family involved and you may even have enough for a yard sale. Then you can spend the money from your declutter on a short vacation or something for the entire family… already that looks better than 2020!

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