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How to make New Years Resolutions Happen

How to make New Years Resolutions Happen

Lowes has been part of the lives of American families for many years and has everything in store to make New Year’s resolutions happen. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons some of these can happen for less.  But how can you ensure your New Year’s Resolutions happen?


The major reasons why most people fail to accomplish their resolutions are:

Instead of clearly picturing their desired outcomes, many focus on what they do not want. This is why so many people continue to get the same old results, even with the best of intentions to experience something different.

Many people don't know how to build new neural pathways that attract and create the object of their resolutions.

Most people get distracted and discouraged after a week or more without experiencing progress.

Here are four simple and powerful neuroscience steps for manifesting your resolutions:

Believe It's Possible.

Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) said, in his landmark 1937 book, that "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." He was so right. Your brain creates your reality and how you experience, react and respond to the world. It's an inside game. Modern neuroscience has proven that leveraging your brain power is the key to manifesting your desired reality. The first step in making resolutions become real is to know and believe in the power of your brain.


Name It.

Be extremely specific about what you want as desired outcomes. If your resolution involves debt reduction and saving money, then state the dollar amounts, dates, creditors to be paid, where savings will be invested and other specifics. Be sure to describe the interim and end-point events in detail, so there is no shadow-of- doubt when your resolution has been actualized. Walk away from all thinking regarding what you do not want, because this activity strengthens the neural pathway memory banks that helped create the situation you want to change. This step must be accomplished with clarity of mind and positive specificity.


Make it Real.

This 3-part step is often ignored. Visualize in your "minds eye" and record in visual media (e.g. computer, sketch pad, mind map, scrap book) the following:


Your desired outcomes from Step 2. These are the facts, figures and specifics.

What do you want to experience in your "feeling world?" The stronger the emotions, the more likely your brain will engage enthusiastically with the process of finding solutions, working the plan and staying motivated. How do you see yourself feeling: relieved, happy, load off-your-back, lighter, free, clearer mind, able to move forward with life, more energy, less stress? Also, think about what you will be able to say about yourself after achieving this resolution. What will the people close to you see and say?

How will you achieve your resolution? Record your key ideas only. It's not necessary to make a detailed plan because the above steps will engage your unconscious brain to get into gear, keep you motivated and achieve what you have conceived. Also, think about a couple of trusted advisors who have the knowledge and competencies to help you achieve your resolution. Ask these people to help you and offer to help them with their resolutions.

Trust the Process and Celebrate Success.

The above steps are all you need to do. You have successfully programmed what you want to achieve and the benefits (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). These constitute the "outcomes." You have also "primed the pump" with initial implementation ideas. As you experience progress, even ideas and inspirations of what to do, celebrate success and the magnificence of your brain. Remember to thank your trusted advisors for their help and to keep them updated on your progress.







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