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How to make your kitchen look more exensive on a budget

How to make your kitchen look more exensive on a budget

Your Kitchen is the heart of the home and Lowes knows this better than anyone.  Making your kitchen look amazing is what Lowes gives you all the tools and materials to do. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on making your kitchen look fabulous. But how do you make your kitchen look more expensive on a budget?  Here are 10 simple ways

1. Update hardware.

You can transform the appearance of your furniture by changing the hardware. For a unique and modern look, replace drawer and cabinet pulls.


2. Use lighter colors

A lighter color on walls and cabinets instantly makes a space appear larger and more expensive. Light colors reflect light, hiding a variety of sins such as scratches, dents, and dings in old cabinets.


3. Replace cabinet doors.

Your kitchen will look sleeker if you replace worn-out cabinet doors or sand and refinish your existing ones. You can add a touch of glamour to your kitchen by installing glass or high-gloss doorways. Or, you can forgo doors and install open shelving that will showcase your finest pieces.

4. Change lighting.

Pendants and chandeliers can brighten up your kitchen and change the atmosphere. The standard lights found in most homes or rentals are the same. You can mix it up to give your most used rooms in your home personality or an unexpected element.

5. Use art.

It is a great way of elevating any space, and the same can be done in your kitchen. You don't have to be shy about being bold and big. It will create the illusion of more space. Renters who aren't able to do everything themselves can still enjoy the beauty of art.


6. Your appliances can be painted stainless steel

Are you not able to have stainless steel appliances? It's okay. You can update your appliances with a paint-on stainless finish. This will not only make your kitchen look more modern, but it will also help to keep your appliances in good condition. There are many types of liquid stainless steel available.


7. Window treatments can be added.

To instantly transform your kitchen, dress up your windows.


8. Design your breakfast nook.

To give your breakfast area some style, add throw pillows, a centerpiece, and fresh flowers.


9. Replace any decorative elements that are no longer needed.

For a subtle yet significant change, replace your fruit bowl by a beautiful ginger jar or tray.


10. Keep small appliances hidden.

Clutter is the worst thing that can happen to a space. Make sure you have enough counter space for small appliances such as blenders, toasters, and coffee pots. They are easy to remove when you need them.

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