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Five things you need in a smaller Kitchen

Five things you need in a smaller Kitchen

It seems this week that we are on a small kitchen theme and there is nothing wrong with that. Lowes has everything you need to equip a smaller kitchen and make it more functional. We Are Coupons can help you save money on these items when you shop and Lowes with a Lowes Printable Coupon. So, what are the essentials your smaller, compact kitchen needs.

A small kitchen needs to remain functional and this means choosing the right appliances. Space is at a premium and the right appliances can maximise that and make your kitchen the heart of the home.

French Door Refrigerator

With space being very little a French Door Refrigerator is the ideal appliance to keep things cool. You need to look for and source a design that cools and freezes variety of food stuffs that not only looks good but is efficient. Lowes has a superb selection of fridges and freezers, some purpose made for the smaller kitchen

Adjustable Refrigerator Shelves

Space is the name of the game in a smaller kitchen and Lowes knows this only too well. Once area where space is very much at a premium is inside your fridge. Choosing a refrigerator with adjustable shelves is essential and you will never regret doing this. A fridge with plenty of adjustable shelving means all your produce is easily accessible even when the fridge is fill to the brim.

A small, quiet dishwasher

Modern, slim profile dishwashers are built with small kitchens in mind. These superb appliances take up little space and hold plenty of dishes and cutlery. A space saver and a time a saver you will never regret installing a slim profile dishwasher. Remember, just because you have a small kitchen it does not mean you cannot have all the appliances you need.

Freestanding Range

As with all the appliances above practicality and functionality that slots into a small space is vital. In a small kitchen having a free standing range with a storage or warmer draw makes absolute sense. Lowes has a wide range of good looking freestanding stoves that bring a ton of convenience to your kitchen. Some have extra burners others have warmer drawers and these mean you can cook more in mess space. You will be amazed and just how conveniently compact these ranges are.

Built in microwave

Because there is little space in a small kitchen a free standing microwave is a crazy idea. Opting for a built in microwave saves surface space and opens up your kitchen more. Eye level microwaves are the best to choose and you will never look back when you install this appliance.

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