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Top Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen in 2023 - part 3

Top Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen in 2023 - part 3

Lowes has everything you need to remodel your kitchen and a with a Lowes Discount Coupon from We Are Coupons a new kitchen will cost you less. The kitchen is the heart of your home. Upgrading it has many benefits. It can boost your resale value and improve the quality of life in your home.


In 2023, the most popular kitchen ideas feature personal touches. That could mean a piece of oversized art or even a feature sculpture.



Even if you’re not planning to sell in the near future, a newly remodeled kitchen can make your house more attractive and enjoyable for your own use. Research shows that 90 percent of homeowners who renovate their kitchens report enjoying their homes more for the duration of ownership. This enjoyment could ultimately lead to a lower likelihood of moving in the future, and can also make your family happier at home.


4. Personal Expression

In addition to increasing a home’s resale value, remodeling your kitchen can help you express your personal style. With various design options and creative solutions for small spaces, you can make your kitchen look the way you want while staying within your budget.


While traditional neutral colors and fresh white worktops will never completely fall out of fashion, 2023 is all about pushing the boundaries and trusting your intuition when it comes to color choice. The kitchen is a space that’s often used for entertaining, so adding splashes of color can really add to the overall ambience of the room.


If you’re feeling brave, consider a darker accent wall that will really make your countertops and cabinetry pop. Or, try a navy blue paint that will add depth and warmth to the room. The possibilities are endless!


Contrasting materials are another kitchen remodel trend that’s gaining popularity in 2023. Wood, stone, and other natural materials can be incorporated together to create an appealing mix of textures that’s visually interesting. This is especially beneficial for smaller kitchens, as contrasting surfaces can visually expand a cramped layout.


Another great way to add some personality to your kitchen is by hanging a statement sign. While this can seem like a tacky decoration, it can actually have a lot of charm if done well. Be sure to choose a sign with a meaningful message or quote that reflects your personal aesthetic. And, be sure to avoid cheesy, kitchy, or pretentious signs that will detract from the overall look of your kitchen.

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