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Key Components of the Perfect American Kitchen

Key Components of the Perfect American Kitchen

Lowes knows that the Kitchen is the heart of the home. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can create the perfect kitchen for less. There are several components to a family kitchen, and they all should be considered when designing a new kitchen. These include an open floor plan, a work triangle, and a larder or pantry. But what exactly are these components? And how can you make sure your new kitchen has all of them?


Open floor plan

Open floor plans have become the popular choice for families and households that entertain often. Architect and home renovation support community Kickstart House says open floor plans have a number of benefits. However, they are not for every household. For example, some people find the open space to be too distracting.


A kitchen with an open floor plan will make a small space feel more spacious. It's easier to serve food and socialize when everyone can see each other. It also provides a sense of spaciousness and free movement. And it can even make a small house seem bigger thanks to clever design arrangements.



When designing a kitchen, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. One important factor is storage. Without adequate storage, a cook can spend up to 10 minutes looking for a single cooking utensil. In order to avoid this problem, kitchen design should be as efficient as possible. Additionally, a dedicated area for food preparation will make it easier for a busy cook to stay organized. It will also help a cook prepare meals for school, work, or on the go.


Another important factor is waste management. Besides a simple trash can, a family kitchen should include composting and recycling facilities. Leaving waste management out of a kitchen design plan is a common mistake. However, there are many space-efficient waste management solutions, and many of them can be hidden in cabinetry.


Work triangle

Ideally, a kitchen's work triangle should span four to nine feet between the kitchen sink, cooktop, and cleanup zone. There should be no obstructions between these work centers, and it is best to place dinnerware in the area nearest the sink to make loading and unloading the dishwasher easier. Moreover, a work triangle should not cross major traffic patterns.


The kitchen work triangle is a 70-year-old rule for kitchen design. Keeping space between the main working areas will make the kitchen much easier to use and keep the amount of traffic in the area to a minimum. However, today's kitchens often have multiple cooks and many functionalities, which requires flexible designs. This has led kitchen designers to use creative solutions to introduce more flexibility into the work triangle. One method involves breaking up the kitchen into five zones.


Larder or pantry

A larder is a space where you can store a range of essential kitchen supplies. It is also useful for storing appliances, pots and pans. The ideal location for a larder depends on how you use it. For example, a larder used for baking should include enough space to hold the dry ingredients that are required to make pastry. Also, a larder that has high equipment needs to be well-measured and installed so that it fits into the kitchen.


A well-stocked store cupboard makes it much easier to make delicious meals from scratch. In the old days, larders were used to store herbs and tinned goods. A dark, cool place is the best place to store herbs and spices as they keep for a long time. Today, a larder can store all kinds of everyday items such as pasta and pulses. There are also drawers for storing small items and containers for storing spices.


Statement lighting

While pendant lights are a classic kitchen fixture, contemporary lighting designs are becoming more popular. You can add Sputnik-style globe lights or a chandelier to make a dramatic statement. You can even incorporate adjustable lighting systems into your kitchen to suit different tasks.


Statement lighting is an excellent way to add style to your family kitchen. You can use statement lighting as your main source of illumination or as accent lighting to accent areas like the counters and cooking areas. Make sure to match your lighting choices with the surfaces and colors of your kitchen. Another great way to incorporate more style into your kitchen is to incorporate Light-Emitting Diodes, or LEDs. These energy-efficient fixtures don't take long to warm up and won't cause flickering.

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