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How to clean your kitchen properly

How to clean your kitchen properly

In early 2020 the world was knocked off its feet by the Coronavirus.  In 2021 the virus is still with us, restrictions remain in place and people are more health conscious than ever before.  Cleanliness and Hygiene have always been important, but in 2021 where pandemic has us all concerned they are more important than ever before.  Our homes need to be cleaned and cleaned properly, a general wipe over is not enough.  One room that gets a lot of use and needs frequent cleaning is your kitchen and here is how to clean it… properly! Don’t forget you can save money on all your cleaning materials at Home Depot with a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon!

Start at the top

Any professional cleaner will tell you that when you clean you work from the top down.  In your kitchen this means starting with the cabinets.  Kitchen cabinets are dirt and germ magnets and need a clean frequently.  Watered down dish washing detergent is one of the best cleaning materials to use. On wooden cupboards it may  be best to use a wood oil from time to time.  Once your cabinets are clean you can move on.

Clean the Stove Top

Next in your good kitchen clean is your stove top. Stove tops pick up grease and grease attracts more dirt.  A good daily clean using specialist cleaning fluid or simply watered down dishwashing detergent and a good cloth with some elbow grease and your stove top will sparkle.

Clean the Oven

Once the stove top is cleaned it is time to tackle your oven. This most hated of kitchen cleaning tasks is relatively easy when you use oven cleaner and follow the instructions.  There are plenty of hacks out there on the internet but in all honesty the best is some oven cleaner, some gloves and a little scrubbing.

Clean the Range Hood

Your range hood or extractor fan needs regular cleaning, not just on the outside. You may need to replace your filters and other components to keep it working efficiently.

Clean the backsplash

Your backsplash or backsplashes are designed to help you keep your kitchen cleaner easier. These often tiled spaces need nothing more than a good scrub to remove built up grease and grime. You will be amazed at just how dirty these parts of the kitchen get, especially those behind your stove. A good scrub with the detergent gets them clean in no time.

Clean your countertops

Your countertops are used by everyone for everything. They need a good scrub and clean at least every other day and always after use. To clean your countertops properly you need to declutter them fully and scrub every part of what can be very large surfaces.

Clean your Sink

Next clean your sink. Give your sink a deep down clean and don’t forger to clean the drains or unblock them with drain cleaner for a confident sparkle and fresh smell.

The floors

Finally you need to clean your floors. First of all sweep or vacuum your floor to pick up loose dust and dirt. Once swept or vacuumed use some good quality detergent and mop to give your floor a good clean. All it to dry and your kitchen is now clean.


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