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How to remove paint from wood

How to remove paint from wood

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Removing paint

Painting is an important part of home maintenance.  Home Depot has a wide range of paints at great prices in a wider range of colors. But often before you can paint you need to remove existing paint.  Very often, if it cannot be painted over, old paint can be a trouble to remove but it must be removed.  Removing paint from  wood is one task that is relatively easy when you know how and there are primarily three ways to do this. 

Paint Stripper

A popular and quick way to remove paint from wood is to use paint stripper. Paint stripper comes in liquid, gel or paste form and is ideal for removing paint from large surfaces.  The use of paint stripper is recommended for detailed, curved or intricate wood working projects.  Using paint stripper is easy but you should always use caution and some paint strippers are extremely corrosive. You should also ensure you have plenty of ventilation.

To use paint stripper pour the liquid from the container into a jar and use a small amount at a time with  brush.  Allow time for the paint stripper to work and seep into the paint. Once left and the paint begins to lift you can scrape the paint off or use a wire brush. It often makes sense to repeat the process two or three times. Once you are satisfied you have removed the paint from the wood y should wipe down your wood and ensure no stripper remains.

Heat Gun

Another easy way to remove paint from wood is using heat gun. Using a heat gun you can heat the surface of the wood you are working on and soften the paint. As the paint softens you can slowly scape the paint off and reveal the wood. Never rush paint removal with a heat gun and slow steady progress is the way to ensure best results. The trick is to loosen not burn the paint off, should wood begin to smoulder you are applying too much heat, it is important to find the right heat and distance away from  the  surface for best results.  Always keep a fire extinguisher to hand


The final way to remove paint from wood is to sand the paint off.  You can sand by hand or use an electric sander. Perfectionists will say that sanding by hand is the best way to remove paint and sand down. However, a sander is quick and easy and leaves a perfectly good surface to repaint.

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