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Unusual Ways to Remove Snow from your Driveway - Part 1

Unusual Ways to Remove Snow from your Driveway - Part 1

Lowes has everything you need to prepare your home for winter. With a Lowes Money off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can prepare for winter for less. If you live in an area that receives heavy snowfalls, it can be difficult to clear your driveway and garden. You can use a variety of methods to help you clear snow. Some of these include using sand, wood shavings, bird seed, and fertilizer.


Using sand

Before you use sand to clear snow and ice, consider what you're using it for. You don't want to get sand all over your paving stones and garden bed. It also contains salt, which is not good for the environment and can harm plants in the soil. Additionally, salt is harmful to cars and can wash into groundwater supplies. Using sand is a safer alternative to salt.


Sand is an ideal option for traction on icy surfaces, as it has a lower freezing point than rock salt. You can also try using beet juice, which is a natural substance with a lower freezing point than rock salt. It will also add calcium to the soil.


Salt is the most common deicing solution, but sand has many advantages. Sand works well in high-traffic areas, such as the driveway of a suburban home. Unlike salt, sand won't damage your plants and garden.


In Canada, five million tons of rock salt are used to de-ice driveways, walkways, and other exterior surfaces. While salt is cheap and readily available, it can damage your garden, contaminate groundwater, and kill wildlife. It also doesn't break down ice below -18 degrees Celsius. Aside from its cost, sand is better for your garden than salt.


Before you apply salt on your driveway, make sure you sand the surrounding areas. In addition to your driveway, it is important to sand your walkways, balconies, and decks. You may need to use non-slip boots to prevent slippery conditions. Remember that gloves are also essential.


Using wood shavings

One great way to clear snow and ice from your garden and driveway is to use wood shavings. Wood shavings are a great alternative to sand and are easy to remove when the snow melts. They're also a good way to protect your lawn from erosion and to maintain pathways around your home. The wood shavings can also be used as erosion control by covering muddy areas with the material. However, you should be careful when deciding what kind of wood shavings to use. Some wood shavings may be toxic, so it's not wise to use them in your yard. If you need to use wood shavings for other purposes, you may want to purchase them from a landscape company. Be sure to ask them how they process the wood to ensure that the product doesn't contain any chemicals.


If you don't want to use wood shavings, you can also use other household items like birdseed and kitty litter. Both of these items provide traction and won't damage plants, so they're a good alternative to sand. Make sure to clean up after using these materials to prevent them from clogging drains and damaging plants.

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