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Get Ready for Snow

Get Ready for Snow

At Lowes you can find everything your home needs all year round. Winter is fast approaching and November is racing by. All this means snow in many parts of the United States.  Are you ready? Is your home ready?  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can get your home snow ready for less. But how do you get your home snow ready?

Pipes Need Protecting

Pipes are filled with water and when water freezes it expands. When water is in a pipe and it freezes it has nowhere to go and so the pipe splits. Split pipes can cause major damage and can be costly to repair. However, preventing such disasters is easy and before the snow comes you should  drain any water from outside faucets and hosepipes and then insulate any outdoor pipes.  All this is simple DIY stuff that can save you many headaches when the snow comes.

Windows and doors

Insulation is by far the most important thing to consider when protecting your home from snpw.  Snow may look wonderful and pretty but the cold air around it can squeeze through the smallest of gaps around doors and windows. Before the snow comes you should insulate your windows and doors and caulk around them to keep warm air in and cold air out.

Clear Gutters and Drains

It sounds crazy but a similar effect as is the same as water freezing in outdoor pipes can occur in your gutters and drains when it snows. Ice and snow can in your gutters and drains can melt in the day but as night time temperatures fall it can freeze and expand. This can force water back up into the roof line and cause costly damage. Making sure you keep gutters and drains clear is essential.

Snow overload on your roof

Your roof can only carry so much weight and snow can add significant weight to any roof. It is not uncommon to see a roof collapse under the weight of freshly fallen snow. To avoid this snow should be removed from your roof with a long handled snow rake.

Overhanging trees

To also protect your home from snow and snow damage you should be careful of overhanging trees near your property. Ice and snow covered branches make look like something from a winter wonderland but with too much ice and snow on them they can become dangerous. Snow laden branches can  fall onto your property and damage it all to easily. So, before the snow comes you need to prune any trees, a task you won’t regret.

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