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How to clear snow from your driveway

How to clear snow from your driveway

Home Depot loves the holiday season but knows there are some parts of this time of year no one likes.  Most people love snow but there are plenty of people who just sigh when it blocks their driveway. Snow removal from driveways is a part of life for some Americans and Home Depot has all the tools you need. We Are Coupons can save you money on your snow removal tools with the best Home Depot Coupons in America. So, let’s get removing snow and we soon enjoy a lovely cup of coffee.

Methods of snow removal

If you choose not to hire a professional to remove snow from your driveway there are a few ways to remove snow from your driveway. Home depot can supply the equipment you need in each case. There is one way to remove snow that home depot cannot supply but read on to the end and find out.

Snow Shovel

By far the most common way to clear snow and one of the easiest shovelling snow with a snow shovel straightforward.  It might be a little more backbreaking than most would like but it works. Home Depot has a superb selection snow shovels that can make the task of shovelling snow that bit easier.  For snow shovelling to work you just need time and a good level of physical fitness.


The next cheap DIY way to remove snow from your driveway is salt. Salt is excellent at melting ice and low levels of snow.  When it comes to heavy snowstorms and snowfall salt is less effective.  Salt does have some drawbacks, especially for those with pets.  The salt used to clear ice and snow can contain magnesium chloride which if digested is not good for animals.  Furthermore, with growing numbers of people using salt to clear snow, there are growing concerns of it filtering back into the water system.

Snow Blowers

Snowblowers have grown in popularity and these mechanical snow removal machines remove snow as good as the professionals. While a snowblower does take some (most) of the backbreaking work out snow shovelling there is one tiny drawback..

Snowblowers are quite expensive and while small electric snowblowers start from around $500 good quality larger machines start at around $1500. There are various types of snowblower designed for differing amounts of and different sizes of driveways.

Snowball Fight

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned there was a way to clear your drive from snow that Home Depot cannot help you with. The fun alternative, and while there is no guarantee all the snow will be removed, is to have a snowball fight with the kids. A snowed-in driveway can be fun after all!


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