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How to take care of your lawn this December

How to take care of your lawn this December

Home Depot loves helping people enjoy their lawns in the warm summer sunshine. Perfectly green and fresh and a landscapers dream, in the summer months Home Deport has all you need to look after your heavily used grass.  But what about winter?  In December especially your lawn still needs taking care of and it is during the harsh winter months that you get your lawn ready to look amazing come summer. Home Depot can help you maintain your lawn and yard in winter and with some help from  We Are Coupons you can save money with the best home depot money-saving coupons online.

Tidy Up

The first thing to do to have an awesome lawn in the summer is to have a really good tidy up in December. Rake up all the leaves, clear away any trash or outdoor furniture and kids toys. Anything laying on your lawn in winter stands a good chance of killing it.


Many lawns and gardens have trees that form part of their landscape. To ensure these look impressive they will need to have a source of nutrients during the harsh winter months. Mulching is the best way to achieve this and you will be amazed at the results in 6 month time come June.

Keep your lawn off-limits

You may get away with the odd snowball fight and a decent snowman in your garden. Ideally, though, your lawn should be off-limits.  Your lawn is resting during winter and heavy foot traffic will mean it will struggle to recover once spring arrives. While it may be easier and quicker to cut across your lawn it will always pay off if you close it to traffic during winter – this could be the way your lawn becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

Careful with the snow removal

Removing snow from your lawn may be tempting, especially during and after heavy snowstorms. Removing snow from tree limbs and should be done carefully to avoid damage. When removing snow from the lawn avoid using salt and chemicals as this damages the grass underneath. In many ways, it is best to sit back and admire the beauty of the snow on your lawn and consider white the new green!

Get Advice

If you are unsure how to take care of your winter or snowcovered lawn speak to the garden experts at home depot.  Home Depot cares about your lawn and yard as much as you do their experts want to help you. 

Winter is an important time for your garden and looking after it correctly can ensure your lawn is at its very best come summer when you need it most.

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