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How to paint a staircase

How to paint a staircase

Painting your home to look good is a joy, but when it comes to painting a staircase a lot of people could easily be put off. Lowes has all the tools and equipment you need to paint your staircase like a pro, and with a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons you can paint your staircase for less. This simple How To will show you just now easy it is to paint your staircase and impress your friends like never before.

You will need:

  •         Floor Paint
  •         Sander
  •         Wood filler
  •         Sugar soap cleaning solution
  •         Cleaning cloth
  •         Masking tape
  •         Paint scraper
  •         Paint stirrer
  •         Paint brush
  •         Paint roller
  •         Paint tray
  •         Dust mask (optional)


Step 1:  Get the stairs ready

As with all DIY painting projects, planning and preparation is the most import part of the job. The first task is to remove any carpet if there is carpet and bring the staircase back to the wood it is made from. Sanding the stairs in the next task and once sanded any holes should be filed and smoothed over. It is worthwhile spending some time preparing the staircase well.

Step 2: The Right Paint

Choosing the right paint for your staircase is essential.  You will need to choose a hardwearing floor paint. There are no rules around colors and while it is easier to paint just one color you can get as creative as you want.

Step 3a:  Paint the Risers

You should always paint the risers and treads separately starting with the risers first. Starting at the top and working down you should first cut in from the edges with a brush and finish off with a roller. You may need to apply more than one coat, so let the first coat dry before applying the next.

Step3b:  Paint the Treads

Once the risers have been painted and are dry you can paint the treads. Again working from the top down so you don’t end up getting stuck upstairs cut in from the edges with a brush and finish the job with a roller. If you are going for a two tone look you will need to mask the riser before applying paint to the treads.

Step 4:  Allow to dry

Before you can use the stairs the paint needs to be fully dry, not just dry to the touch. This can take a few hours and those in the house should be made very aware.

Painting the bannister and other woodwork

You may want to paint the bannisters and other woodwork around the stairs. Ideally this should be done before painting the stairs to avoid spilling and dripping on your newly painted steps. Again, sand the woodwork down and paint methodically from the top down.

Overall painting a staircase is an easy DIY task and always results in a stunning feature for any home,


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