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How to choose a toaster

How to choose a toaster

One of the most common appliances found in every home is a toaster. In every breakfast scene in every movie the toaster in the star but did you know choosing a new toaster requires a little bit of thinking? Lowes has a wide selection of toasters from all the best brands and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on any toaster in store.  But how do you choose a toaster?

Two types of Toaster

There are essentially two types of toaster, the pop up toaster and the counter top toaster.

Pop Up Toaster

Often just called a toaster these are the most common and simplest of toasters that generally come in two slice and four slices with some having the ability to toast more than just thin slices of bread making them great for waffles or bagels. Generally pop up toasters are very affordable and have simple heat or toasting settings.

Counter top toaster

Counter top toasters are considerably more versatile than a pop up toaster and generally cost more money.  Counter top toasters can be used for toast but for Pizza, Cookies and some even have a small rotisserie feature. There are various sizes of counter top toasters and even compact toasters for those who want to versatility but lack the space.

What to consider when buying a toaster


A handful of things matter when buying a new toaster. Firstly, size matters. You need to know how much toast you generally make, if it is just you or a small family a pop up toaster with two or four slices should suffice, If you make lots of toast, have a large family or have frequent overnighters then a counter top toaster may be a better choice.


Another factor when choosing a toaster is cost. Pop Up Toasters start at around $10 or $15 and while these appliances are basic they do nonetheless make great toast. There are more fancy pop up toasters with different features and functions that can cost upwards of $100. Counter top toasters can cost from around $50 for a basic toaster and range to commercial-sized toasters costing a lot more.


Finally the other important thing for some people when choosing a toaster is looks. Toasters come in all shapes, sizes and colors that can fit in with your kitchen style. But at the end of the day, a toaster is a toaster so as long as it makes toast you should be happy.


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